2018 Skincare Resolutions

I know that resolutions tend to be boring. I have resorted to the fact that resolutions are something to break and laugh about it before Valentine’s Day that’s why I never made any. 2018, however, should be different, for me and hopefully for all of you. For the first time since I stopped writing on my diary when I was 10, I will be making resolutions and not break them. Based from my skincare adventures, from discovering new products and processes to figuring out my skin allergies, here are things I want to do and will continue on doing this 2018.


Listen to my skin

Determining whether our skin is oily or dry is half the battle. This year, I found out that not only is my skin is oily, it’s also dehydrated. There will also be times that my skin can be a bit congested whenever I’ll be outdoors for too long. There are a lot more but I realized this only because after I cleanse, I will check my face. Does it feel rough? Is my face looking dull? Is there a budding zit? Standing in front of the mirror and staring at myself can get tiring at times but it’s been an enlightening experience for me and my skin.

If I want to brighten my skin, I’ll use Georgette Klinger’s Vitamin C Mask. If my skin feels dehydrated, I will reach for Pyungkangyul’s Moisture Serum. If there’s a budding zit, I will get Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and Lather’s White Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. I will tailor my routine according to what my face needs – it’s been proven effective and I will continue to do it.


Stick to what works

First off, this is not to confuse you. There are specific products I use for whatever my skin needs but there will always be the mainstays. These are my tried and tested products that have helped me with my skin’s daily needs– like Whamisa’s Organic Flowers Toner and Leegeehaam Cosmetics’ 5Alpha Control Emulsion. I have been a victim of getting the newest, shiniest product in the market and some of them have been permanently included in my rotation, like Enature’s Vita8 Nutritive Mist and DulceEarth’s Botanical Elixir. Most of them, though, are now housed on my friends’ vanities or just tucked away, never to be seen again.


Don’t be swayed by pretty packaging

I wouldn’t have found my mainstays if it weren’t for trying new products. Brands and constantly evolving so we should too – from new ingredients to innovative treatments. This time, however, I will not buy products because it looks cute, as I have mentioned earlier. It’s been my mistake, a costly one at that, when I went on a rampage. I want to get everything, ignoring my gut and not bothering to research if this certain product will work on my skin or not. Whether it is for makeup or skincare, I learned that I would not continue to use something because it’s nice to look at. I use it because it works.

Let’s not sacrifice our skin just because everyone is talking about the new it thing or because it looks good on our vanity. I know it’s easier said than done but that packaging will not make your skin glow and hydrated. Luckily, products like Onomie’s Powerful Priming Serum and NourishLondon’s Kale 3D Cleanser both works well and looks good. There are many products, however, that negatively affected my skin or just plainly didn’t work on me. For 2018, I vow to get my hands on samples first and thoroughly read about the product before purchasing it. It will save me money and, ultimately, it will save my skin.


Be Patient

How to know a product is working? Some might provide instant results, like Sonage’s Glow Peel Treatment and byWishtrend’s Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water, but most products need our patience while they work their magic – Sunday Riley’s Good Genes and SK-IIFacial Treatment Essence, for example. I didn’t realize how badly my skin needs them until I finished a bottle from one of their value sets. It could take a few weeks for you to see results of most products so, hang in there.

Another point of patience is our routine itself. I know we are all busy but layering products too quickly and hoping for magic is not the best course of action. It’s important to let your products sink into the skin before applying the next product. Make sure you are applying your products in proper order as well – as good guide is applying the lightest to the heaviest. For example, you apply the toner first then serums before going into the moisturizer. A good rule is to wait for about 30 seconds before going to the next step of your routine. Let’s take this time to think about ourselves – self-care is a term for a reason.


Sleep with a clean face

I used to do this when I was young. I mean, who really has the time? I, however, suffered the consequences by ignoring that voice inside my face begging me to remove my makeup and cleanse my face before dozing off. When I was young, it used to not matter but when I got to my late 20s, I always wake up with a pimple of my face the morning after I don’t cleanse. So, I power through – eyes closed while in a dark bathroom, doing my double cleanse. It’s sad but at least I don’t wake up with a zit on my cheek the morning after.

If I’m feeling really tired, I forego my routine. I just remove my makeup with Biologique Recherche’s Lait U, second cleanse with SkinFix’s Foaming Clay Cleanser, then put on a moisturizing sleeping mask like Coast Sydney Botanical’s Nephelium Hydrate 4 Sleeping Mask before calling it a day.Trust me, your skin will thank you.


Love your body the same way you love your face

This I constantly forget and I’m sure you do too. We’re too focused on our faces that oftentimes, we forget about our necks and other parts of our body. However, I have learned that the neck is where aging becomes the most visible and the rest of your skin needs to be exfoliated and moisturized as well. I vow to always extend my skincare routine to my neck, moisturize my body daily and on weekends, I’ll make sure to exfoliate the rest of my body with OY-L Natural’s Lavender Body Scrub and then follow it with Brooklyn Botany's Camellia Wonder Oil to moisturize.


Always put on sunscreen and reapply it often

This is another thing we always forget and this will sure bite us in the end. I got the daily morning routine of applying Emma Hardie’s Protect and Prime before applying my makeup but the reapplying part is something I have to work on. It’s never too late or too early to get on the SPF bandwagon, just make sure you don’t excuse yourself from applying and reapplying sunscreen. “I’ll be in the office the whole day” or “I’m not going out today” doesn’t give us a free pass. UVA and UVB rays are everywhere – from your travel to wherever, to sitting by the window, and to the office balcony where you hang out to get some fresh air.

Eat and Live Well

Everything I said above won’t be important if we don’t take proper care of ourselves. Let’s vow to always drink plenty of water, eat our vegetables, and get our beauty sleep this 2018. We’ll be healthy, hydrated, and glowing in no time! Cheers to us and 2018!

Have a great day!