5 Products for Dry Skin

With cooler weather approaching, it’s time for many of us to rethink our skincare routines, especially those of us who are blessed with temperamental dry skin. While summer may have offered our skin a few months of sweaty glowing skin, the season of patchy, tight skin is right around the corner. Here’s how to stop the madness:


Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

$22 USD

Okay, I’ve officially never met a Glossier product I didn’t like. I’m completely okay with the brand taking over my entire top shelf because they continue to deliver gentle, but effective skincare that work for all skin types.

This mask holds 1st place among the masses (I mean MASSES) of hydrating masks in my arsenal because it’s the only one that always heals up patchy, flaky skin without clogging pores. Also, it’s chock-full of humectants AND emollients, which combat dryness and dullness at the same time. During the winter here in Boston, my cheeks can feel a bit raw and wind burnt after walking to classes, so I slather this guy on overnight and wake up with nourished, bouncy skin.

Jordan Samuel Skin The After Show Treatment Cleanser

(formerly known as Plié), $20 USD 

This one is for all my lazy girls out there! With work, school and general girl-boss activities, completing your entire skincare routine each night isn’t always realistic. This oil based cleanser doubles as a quick mask that leaves a light, hydrating film. After those long days (or wine indulgent nights) you can just rinse and be off to dreamland, no moisturizer required.


Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Facial Oil


Sunday Riley’s Juno was one of the first skincare products I ever majorly splurged on – and I’ve never looked back. I slather this on as the last step in my nightly routine and by morning I’m soft and glowing! This is truly the best product I’ve found for dull, dehydrated skin. I’m also pretty amazed by its healing abilities—it always seems to help repair cystic acne as well as the dreaded hangover-face. Bonus points: Juno is loaded with antioxidants that repair cellular damage while giving skin a huge boost of hydration.

Best part? A little goes a looong way with this oil, so your investment won’t burn through at lightening speed, like all of our favorite products seem to do.

Sahasra Beauty Jasmine Setting Spray


This multitasking spritz is by far my favorite indie beauty discovery. With only 7 ingredients (starring jojoba oil, witch hazel, and cucumber extract) this little gem is a dry skin dream! I’ve tested dozens of facial sprays, and I’ve always found them to leave a tacky finish, or lacking in the hydration department.

My search for the perfect spritz has definitely come to an end. Sahasra beauty formulated this to be perfectly refreshing, non sticky and unbelievably hydrating! No longer are the days of office-AC-induced dryness and melting makeup. With just two sprays, my skin is instantly nourished and my makeup is set for the day. Sahasra just launched a travel sized 2 oz bottle, so I can finally have this miracle worker with me at all times!

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich

$35 USD

I swear I tried my best to keep my mentioning of Glossier products to a minimum, but I couldn’t leave this dreamy cream off this list. With caprylic/capric triglycerides, squalene and murumuru seed butter, this moisturizer instantly hydrates and plumps the skin without leaving a heavy, sticky finish. The formula seamlessly absorbs into skin without a hitch, allowing it to be used both night and day. With a dreamy lavender scent, applying this moisturizer is my favorite way to end the day.