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With the beginning of a new season brings new daily routines. Once the weather starts to cool down I like to break out all the candles. There's nothing quite like cozying up on the sofa in a blanket with a candle burning and your favorite TV show or movie playing in the background. My boyfriend and I both love having a candle burning so I like to pick up candles when/where I can. I've become quite a candle fiend in recent years and have an array of candles in my 'candle wardrobe' - perfect for Autumn. I thought I'd share some of my favorite candle brands as well as my favorite candle accessories.

Growing up, the main places I looked at for candles were Bath & Body Works + Yankee Candle. These were the two most popular places to get candles that were affordable and easily accessible. I wasn't a big candle burner growing up and one medium sized one could easily last me several years. When I treated myself to my first Diptyque candle, I was so cautious with burning it that it took me almost an entire season to burn one of the smaller medium-sized candles. One thing that really impressed me about the brand was that the candle, even unlit, could throw a scent throughout your room. When it burned, the smell carried beautifully and filled my room. The Diptyque candles burn slowly and can last a long time, all the while allowing you to enjoy the scent. Although pricey, I definitely think they're worth it. This sort of sparked a love affair with all "bougie candles" and it's been a pretty pricey experience since. I've gotten Diptyque candles in various sizes and scents and I'm seriously impressed with each one I've tried - I highly recommend any and all! Some of my favorites have to be Figuier, Baies, and Roses.


As a Glossier lover, I had seen that the Glossier showroom in New York was almost always burning one candle in particular - Byredo Burning Rose. As a lover of all things rose, I wanted to try it for myself. When an ebates deal popped up at Barneys I knew I had to jump on it. This was my first black wax candle and man does this one throw a scent across the room. I picked up both Burning Rose and Bibliotheque, and from the other scents I've smelled in stores, Byredo candles are a lot more hefty and musky. I also find a lot of the scents to be unisex so it's perfect to burn around your S.O.! In my opinion, these remind me of Autumn/Winter a lot and I think they are the perfect candles to whip out during this time of year when the weather cools down. These candles burn extremely slow which does give you some extra bang for your buck.

Now I know I've mentioned some pricey candles, but fear not - not all candles have to be expensive to be good in my book. There are a ton of affordable candle brands out there that makes great quality candles at reasonable costs for daily candle burning. One of my favorite brand discoveries in recent years has to be P.F. Candle Co. All their candles are 100% made up of soy wax, which is non-toxic and allows your candle to burn cleaner + longer. A lot of their scents are neutral, also making them unisex and perfect for burning in your home for everyone to appreciate. I had bought the Amber & Moss one for my boyfriend and he loved it so much we've even invested in the larger size one to burn in our new apartment. I also picked up Coconut Grove which basically smells like a tropical vacation all day (it is amazing).

A more recent candle brand discovery of mine has to be Kavaldon. These are luxury fragrance candles housed in beautifully minimal jars at a very reasonable price point. Right now they have 12 scents and honestly it was so hard to choose because they all sounded incredible. I ended up with 3: Kensington, Harper, and Empress. When I got these they vaguely reminded me of Diptyque scents - very fresh and very crisp, and even better the candles unlit also threw a scent across the room. However I do think these ones are a bit more difficult to burn evenly - I'm pretty good about monitoring my candles and making sure everything is well, but I've definitely had a few more struggles with my Kavaldon candles. However, once I get through my first two burning sessions the rest of the jar is smooth sailing.

I know burning candles all the time isn't the most budget friendly, especially when you love pricier candles. Sometimes I'll burn one of my more fragranced candles with a few tall Ikea candles on the side for extra ambiance. But since Ikea candles are set at a lower cost, burning through those doesn't make me as sad. I can definitely tell the difference in quality of the candles when it comes to burning as the Ikea ones burn quite unevenly and very very quickly.

I'll admit that I love buying candles housed in pretty jars with the goal of repurposing the jars in mind. Jars can easily be re-used and upcycledto be flower/succulent vases, pen holders, and makeup brush holders. Removing excess wax from jars can be a pain, but ensuring your candle burns evenly makes it all the more easier in the end. Keeping your candle wick trimmed each time you burn your candle ensures a nice even burn - my favorite candle accessory I picked up last winter had to be a candle wick trimmer. I had no idea such things existed, but it really helps when you have a long jar and you're nearing the bottom. You can pick a cheap one of these up over on Amazon or a fancier one from your favorite brand. In addition, ensuring that the entire layer of your candle is burned before blowing it out helps prevent that dreaded tunneling down the center. I know people love using matches to light their candles, but personally I just find it too tedious (and perhaps a bit dangerous). I love using the longer handled lighters which can easily light the bottom of a candle with ease.

In an effort to keep from having a million candles out at once I do try to limit myself to a few at a time out. I love that some candles come with lids, but for those that don't, having a nice glass dome cloche helps keep out dust while still keeping your gorgeous candles on display. I've been on the search for the perfect one but just haven't come across the right one just yet - for now I just place a hexagon shaped tile on top or place a glass vase over it upside down.

xx Cindy

PS - I did an entire post here on tips of how to repurposeand clean out your old candle jars.



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