A Simple Routine for Glowy Skin

Getting skin that looks like it’s glowing from the inside out is something that is covetable for a lot of people. However, I find that the suggested routines for doing so can be somewhat over-complicated or end up involving makeup. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve come up with the following fairly simple routine that’ll make your skin glow (and happens to be perfect for sensitive skin).

Step 1: Caudalie Grape Water

This mist has only three ingredients - grape water, grape juice, and nitrogen. It soothes and moisturizes the skin, making it the perfect first step in this routine. It might seem silly to pay for grape water, but the bottle is pretty hefty and I’ve found it the perfect, refreshing addition to my skincare.


Step 2: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

For glowing skin, you’re going to want super hydrated skin, which is why I recommend this second facial spray. With ingredients inspired by a Hungarian queen’s youth elixir, herbs like rosemary, rose, and mint combine to tighten pores and moisturize skin. It may feel like overkill, but the boost in radiance is worth it.


Step 3: The Facial Oil

I know a lot of people have been embracing facial oils lately, and with good reason! They’re a great way to amp up your skincare routine and boost the hydration of your skin. I switch off between two for this routine. The first is Herbivore Botanicals’ Lapis Oil, which I’ve raved about before for it’s soothing and acne-diminishing powers. The second is Odacité’s Wild Carrot Serum which is solely intended to make your skin more glowy and is full of antioxidants. Both are great choices!


Step 4: Dr. Roebuck’s FACE Moisturizer

Another product with minimal ingredients, this moisturizer boasts rosehip, vitamin E, macadamia, and lavender oil for skin that is both super hydrated and soothed. I love it for the fluffy, almost whipped lightweight texture, and how easily it sinks into the skin. Perfect for dewy, but never greasy skin.

That’s it! I usually finish up with another spritz of the Grape Water, but that’s totally optional. If you have any questions about this routine or product substitutions, feel free to reach out to me @briana.wilvert on Instagram!

- Briana