6 In-Flight Skincare Picks to Keep You Moisturized

There’s nothing quite like air travel to wreak havoc on your skin. Our skin is most comfortable when the humidity in the air around us is above 40%, but below 70%. Airplane cabins on the other hand, have a humidity level of >20% (no bueno). Not to mention, the higher the altitude of air travel, the less blood flow makes it to the surface of your skin – which can leave you looking lacklustre and fatigued. So next time you’re about to head out on another journey, here are some skincare steps to bring with you to keep you hydrated and glowing!


Koh Gen Do – Cleansing Spa Water Cloths

$17 USD

I’ve raved about these before – but they are well worth the praise and the excellent first step for your in-flight routine. These cleansing cloths are extra saturated with the brand’s signature cleansing Spa Water, which not only removes all surface impurities, but also replenishes key nutrients, minerals and amino acids. These cloths also contain arginine, which gives your skin an instant boost of elasticity.

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BYBI Beauty Mega Mist

$36 USD

With the extra dry environment on board, your skin will need every bit of the hyaluronic acid that makes up this awesome mist. It’s perfect to immediately quench your skin’s thirst, but also help tone and refine the overall texture of your skin with rose and orange blossom floral waters. After cleansing, drench the skin with this dual-purpose re-hydrator to help rebuild the layers of moisture from the inside out. Feel free to mist away throughout your flight and post arrival to keep your skin feeling balanced and fresh.


Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask

$44 USD

This mask acts as a hydrator for both now and later, with specially formulated hyaluronic acid, which immediately quenches, plumps and brightens the skin, but also continues to replenish hydration over time. The biggest perk of this mask for travel? It goes on completely clear – so no need to worry about anyone giving you the side-eye. This is the perfect pick me up for stressed-out skin, which is exactly what my skin becomes when I’ve been on a flight for more than two hours. After rinsing this off, my skin is completely saturated with hydration, and perfectly primed to move on to added nutrients.

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

$98 USD

Once toned and rehydrated, your skin is ready for the fortifying ingredients of a repair serum- my favorite being the cult-status ANR by Estee Lauder. Packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory ingredients and bifida ferment lysate (which acts as a probiotic), this serum makes for the ideal all-in-one repair serum that will not only replenish the skin, but add a protective barrier to help seal those nutrients in.


Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Mask

$76 USD

These are some of the most comfortable, soothing and smoothing gel eye masks I’ve tried, and make for the perfect addition to any in-flight routine. Panthenol and plankton work to brighten and soften the delicate area, giving you a well-rested appearance while working some magic on any fine lines or wrinkles. Work these in mid-flight, or leave as a last step before landing – either way, you’ll like what you see once they come off!


Olivarrier Fluid Oil Squalane

$42 USD

One of the most important steps in any in-flight routine is to seal in all the hydrating ingredients and nutrients with an emollient. Skip this step, and you’ll find all of those moisture-boosting molecules evaporating right back out of your skin. One of my favorite barrier-building oils is this 100% Squalane oil, which is incredibly light, weightless and colorless. This oil helps with skincare concerns across the board, controlling excess sebum production, fighting bacteria, and helping to calm redness or irritation. It’s an excellent last step and addition to your super nourishing routine without making your skin feel excessively greasy clogged.