Cindy's Lip Care Favorites


When the weather cools down, one of the first things I do is pull out allll the lip savior-esque products. Tbh, I’m actually quite bad and lazy with my lip care routine but it’s not for a lack of trying. I'm absolute crap at finishing products up and always seem to lose a product before I can actually finish it. I've grown quite some bit from those Burt's Bees days back in high school. Here is my arsenal of top shelf lip care items I reach for.

One of my favorite things to use is a lip polish scrub of some sort. I’ve been using this Rose Lip Polish from French Girl Organics over the last half year and have barely made a dent in my pot. The smallest amount goes a long way but leaves your lips feeling soft and refreshed. I started adding this into my routine after I brush my teeth and let the scrub and oils sink into my lips for a few minutes while I moisturize my body.


When my lips are in dire need of help, I reach for one of two products. The classic staple has to be the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. This one is a heavy waxy balm that will help bring life back to your dry chapped lips. I lent this to my brother on his wedding day as I insisted he couldn’t get married with chapped lips - needless to say he refused to give it back cause he liked it so much and I had to buy a new pot. Yep - it’s that good. The second one is the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask*. I was actually gifted this some time ago and instantly fell in love. It’s perfect for those who don’t love heavy lip products and want something light on the lips. This one is light but boy does it stay all night long. It also smells incredible and fruity - just like strawberry! My bf’s mom gave me another and I ended up giving it to my mom who loves it.

One lip balm that sits on my desk at home is the Emile Cordon Cashmere On Lip Pots*. These are beautiful little pots which have a balm that can be applied to your lips, nails, and skin. They’re perfect when I find the air is cold and I have some dry patches on my skin. I have two of these, one in coconut and one in rose, and they’re both lovely. They even come with little spatulas if you don’t want to use your finger too.


Some handy portable lip options basically live in my bags at all times. I have a few in tube forms, in pencil forms, and in regular ol’ twist up form. My favorite go-to balms are probably the Glossier Balm Dot Coms - they come in a variety of “flavors.” My favorites at the moment are tied between Mint (classic) and Cherry (which has a slight hint of red). My other favorite balms have to go to the Go-To Lips! balms. I have a pal over in Australia who sent me some products from this beautiful peachy toned skincare range. The lip balm was my favorite and I recently was gifted the pink version. This one is also a slight hint of color which can easily be applied sans mirror.


Some recent additions into my lip care family are two lip pencil shapes: one from Lierac* and one from Ogee*. These are both in twist up form which add a touch of luxe-ness to your lip balm experience. These are great for those that don’t like to squeeze products out or use their fingers to apply. There’s also no risk of the product exploding in your bag. These are both great lightweight options that can be applied throughout the day or under makeup - whichever way floats your boat.

The last one which I take with me pretty much everywhere is the Moroccan Magic lip balm. Hands down my favorite has to be the Peppermint Eucalyptus* as it’s menthol-y and gives a slight tingle upon application. It's also easily accessible at your local drugstore which makes it an easy access. It also does an A+ job at helping rid my lip of those annoying dry patches.

And that's a wrap on all my current favorite lip care products. What are some of your holy grailand favorite lip products on rotation?

xx Cindy

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