Cooling and Soothing Products

I love summer more than I love most things in life. Give me heat and humidity and I’ll thrive like no other. However, I have to admit that my face can sometimes get a bit irritated in the constant sun and warmer temperatures. There are some days when your face just feels, well, as hot and sticky and sweaty as the rest of you. Don’t worry, you can easily beat the heat! Here are my go-to's lately:


Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser

$32 USD

The gel texture of this cleanser is not only super satisfying to use, it feels incredibly cooling and soothing on the skin. Mixed with and rinsed off with cold water, it helps to de-puff the skin even when it’s sweltering outside.


Avène Thermal Spring Water


Do I feel silly for literally buying water to spray on my face? Sometimes. But I love how fine this mist is and how simple and refreshing it feels. It’s great for using at the beginning of your skincare routine, at the end, after you’ve done your makeup, in the middle of the day - you get it. All day every day misting. I love the Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray slightly more, but the Avène is definitely the more affordable option.

image (3).jpg

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel

$52 USD

A summer favorite of mine for years now, this lightweight gel serum feels like a drink of water for your face. It could work perfectly as a moisturizer for someone with oily skin, or as an extra hydrating step for those with drier skin. Both the feel and smell are super refreshing, and it’s not at all heavy on your face. I sometimes throw this on underneath my MAKE Beauty Succulent Skin Gel, for a serious punch of calming and hydration.

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Milk Makeup Cooling Water

$24 USD

Between heat and being allergic to nature in general, my eyes are almost constantly puffy in the summer. I imagine this product to be somewhat similar to the facial ice roller I’ve been stalking on Amazon - cooling, depuffing, magic. I have the mini size, which is perfect for swiping right around your eyes before breathing several sighs of relief. If you have a little bit more to spend, the Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks are amazing.



$34 USD

Whether or not you’re throwing on makeup to venture out into the heat, I highly recommend this primer. It’s hydrating, lightweight, and feels nice and cool upon application. Plus it leaves you with a dewy, not sweaty, finish - there’ll be plenty of time for sweating later.



$43 USD

Heavily inspired by the lovely duo @theglossarray on Instagram (fellow Pur Opulence editors), I finally picked up a mini fridge solely to hold my skincare in. You should definitely check to make sure whatever you’re putting in it is okay to be at colder temperatures, but it really amps up the experience of every product I just listed. Is it a bit extra? Yes, but believe me when I say it’s worth it.