Cover FX Favorites

I’ve heard such amazing things about CoverFX, but for some reason I don’t have a lot of their products in my collection.  From their primers to their setting prays, I have heard nothing but praise about the quality of their products. I had my eye on the Power Play foundation since it launched, and I was so excited when I was given the opportunity by Pur Opulence to test it out, along with their Glitter Drops.

zb_p (10).jpg

Cover FX Power Play Foundation

(CAD $52)

Right off the bat, I love that Cover FX is so inclusive with the shades of their face products. Cover FX was one of the first brands to promote inclusivity in the beauty industry, and I think it’s amazing that they release their foundations with 40 shades that cater to different undertones and skin tones. These shades transfer across all their face products, which makes it really easy to shade match. I have oily skin, and I’m always down for a foundation that will give me a matte-yet-glowing finish. I want radiance in all the right places, and the Power Play Foundation delivers. I find that it’s very lightweight but still has good coverage, which is amazing in the summer months when I don’t want heavy products on my face. Toronto is so humid, and the Power Play Foundation has no issues braving the heat waves. This is definitely a summer essential if you live in an extremely hot and humid city.

zb_p (39).jpg

Cover FX Glitter Drops

($54 CAD)

Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops shook the beauty community and got everyone hooked on bold liquid highlighters. When they dropped the glitter version of these liquid highlighters, to be honest I was a little worried. Glitter is the kind of thing where you can go from looking like an ethereal goddess to a botched arts and crafts project real quick. Thankfully, Cover FX made glitter classy and bold at the same time. The shade “Aurora” is a multi-tone pink glitter highlight and is so unique. I love using this on my shoulders and décolleté almost every day for some added glow, and I’ll occasionally use it on my cheekbones for summer festival looks. The Glitter Drops are absolutely stunning, but I do think that since they are very colorful and glittery they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are looking for a classic liquid highlighter go for the Custom Enhancer Drops, but if you want something bolder and more unique I definitely recommend you try these out.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

($54 CAD)

These liquid highlighters are unlike anything I’ve ever used before and nothing compares to them! The Custom Enhancer Drops are expensive, but they’re so versatile and can be used in so many different ways! I love mixing the champagne shades into my foundation for a more radiant finish in the summer months when I want to glow. I also love using this to layer on highlighter for a blinding glow! The formula is so soft and doesn’t bunch into my powder which is amazing. From strobing to body highlight, if you want to glow you need to try these.


Cover FX Mattifying Primer

($46 CAD)

I have very oily skin, and it’s always been tough for me to find a primer that helps keep my skin completely matte. Thankfully I discovered this Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment from Cover FX and I’ve been hooked since. This primer combats oiliness while also helping clear acne and smoothing imperfections. It’s the perfect multitasking base to help all of my skin woes. I find that sometimes mattifying primers change the finish of certain foundations, and in some cases they don’t apply as smoothly over a matte base, but that isn’t the case with this one. This gets along with all of my foundations, and helps them last all day as well. Can’t imagine my makeup routine without this!