Kiara's Favourites: Curly Hair Saviors

Of all my beauty struggles, finding products to tame my curly hair is at the top of the list. At times like this, when the East Coast is plagued by a seemingly unending torrential downpour we called June, I have no choice but to embrace my curls or avoid the outdoors. Finding curl definition amid a heap of humidity struck frizz is quite the task, but in the past month or so, I've introduced a few key players that have really stepped up to the plate.

My routine is simple: cleanse, condition, moisturize. And more often than not, my routine consists of only one step....Conditioner. You will never find my hair without a good conditioner, and I do consider myself to be quite the connoisseur. I've tried everything on the market, and I've gathered that a good conditioner should detangle on contact, provide moisture, but not weigh your hair down.  This has become my new standard and I've come to refuse anything less.

I leave my conditioner in all day and night until the next morning where I decide to either condition more, or shampoo if I feel my hair needs a fresh start. If I need extra curl definition or frizz protection, I call for back up with a hair oil or curl cream. Read below for my personal favourites. 



$3-$5 USD/CAD

Going back to what I said earlier about conditioner detangling on contact, this conditioner is without a doubt my drugstore holy grail. My hair could be in a rubber band ball sized knot, and the moment this conditioner touches it, my curls will unravel themselves instantaneously. It's incredibly lightweight and comes in a gigantic bottle for only a few dollars. I judge every conditioner against this one and none of its high end counterparts can even come close.



$28 USD/$35 CAD

I haven't had a chance to try out the brand's new silicone free Rose Hair and Body Oil, but this hair oil manages to be light and heavy duty at the same time. It works on my hair when it's both straight and curly, almost disappearing on contact, but leaving behind just the right amount of moisture. When my hair is straight, it adds shine and softness to a blowout, but tames frizz on my curly hair.  



$29 USD/$36 CAD

This one is a new addition to my routine and I don't know if you could quite call it a "shampoo", but it's amazing for the days when I'm not going all in with the suds, but want to nip buildup in the bud. It comes out as less of an oil and more of a milky cream. You apply it to wet hair and be warned it will not lather. I was pretty sceptical at first of it's ability to make my hair feel clean, but was soon pleasantly surprised to find that my hair actually felt like it had been washed after using this. Not dry, or stripped.... but cleaner (and ready for conditioner). 



 $26 USD/$36 CAD

Few products turns my curls into real defined coils, but this cream manages to tighten every curl and give me a diffused look even when air-drying. I've been stopped in the street for my curls while having nothing but this in my hair.



$32 USD/$40 CAD

Calling up Jen Atkin and asking her to make this in tub form ASAP. This ticks all the boxes on my conditioner checklist (read above), and one travel sized packet magically manages to cover my entire head. This is my special occasion deep conditioner for when I'm feeling fancy or when my hair really needs a moisture boost.

What are your curly hair favourites? comment them down below or let me know on Instagram @kiarablanchette