Daxia’s Pamper Routine

I think most of us can agree that a day inside, filled with face masks and oil filled baths sounds like heaven. I’m going to be sharing how I treat myself with a day reserved for pampering. I’m not a minimalist so prepare yourself!

To start off, I’d start a warm bath and throw in some of Dr. Teal’s Avocado Oil Moisturizing Mineral Soak and Natura Brasil’s Triple Phase Shower Oil. I make sure that whatever is in my bath is going to moisturize my skin because sitting in a warm bath for too long can dry you out. While the tub is filling up I put on the Reconstructive Moisture Mask from Kristin Ess and wrap my hair up in my AQUIS hair towel. On my face will be Patchology’s Eye Gels and Lip Gels with a sheet mask over the gels because I love multi-masking and getting things done! I soak for a bit and relax, hopefully I remembered to bring my favorite candle to set the mood.I’ve been using body scrubs lately and my skin has felt so much softer especially after baths and oils. My go-to body scrubs are the Marcella Rich Body Scrub from {blade + bloom} and Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub. When time’s up I’ll switch to a shower and rinse off.


Once I’m all clean I’ll dry my hair with my other AQUIS hair towel (yes, I have three of them because I love them so much) to ensure that my hair stays soft and undamaged. I put Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream all over my body and continue the day’s skincare routine paying attention to my face, neck and lips. If I’m feeling really extra I’ll bust out my facial steamer and steam my face before applying my skincare routine.

While my hair is air drying I do my nails. I always, always do my own nails because it’s fun and I’m not that bad at it. I use one of my many oils on my cuticles and then cut and/or file my nails to the shape I want. I usually paint them with Essie’s Treat Love and Color Nail Strengthener in shade “Treat Me Bright” or else I just go with a red color. I’ll watch Netflix or something while they dry because I cannot trust myself to move at all when my nails are drying or else they’ll get wrecked.

The last step in my pampering routine is to ask myself, what now? and think about how today is not reserved for doing work or frantically cleaning the house… It’s reserved for me!