The French Edit: Diptyque’s Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay


Diptyque’s skincare line is a little underrated; I don’t see many talk about it. The brand may have some of the most exquisite candles and decadent fragrances on the market, and their skincare doesn’t fail either. The sleekness and beauty of the packaging; the luxurious feel and use of ingredients in their products, you get rich, beautiful skincare …but what else would expect from Diptyque?

One of my most recommended skincare products (HG status), and something that I’ve kept in my bathroom for a few years, is their Multi-Use
Exfoliating Clay for the Face. Whenever my skin is feeling a bit congested, I pull this out. It’s multi-use in the sense that you can opt to use it as a gentle, creamy exfoliating cleanser or a detoxifying clay face mask. Appropriately, it can be removed with their Infused Facial Water for that high-pampering experience or a warm, damp cloth.

I’m the type of skincare enthusiast that prefers chemical exfoliators to physical. Something about this particular physical exfoliator just ticks all the marks for me, and where other physical ones have failed. What makes this Exfoliating Clay so special is the mix of marble powder and apricot kernel oil. Both help not only nourish and soften the skin, but
it doesn’t cause skin to become irritated, red, or dry after removal like some scrubs and clay products can do.

If you’ve overlooked Diptyque’s skincare, you’re in for a truly luxurious treat!