DIY Body Shimmer

When Fenty Beauty launched their Body Lava line in April, it instantly became one of the most desired beauty products of the summer. I’ve never even tried a body shimmer product, but when I saw the video of Rihanna using it on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram, I was immediately sold. That is, until I saw that it was selling for $59 at Sephora.

Following the launch, people began posting videos of their own DIY body shimmers on Twitter and Facebook. After seeing about ten different DIY attempts, I decided to try it out for myself, and spoiler: I loved it!

This DIY body shimmer is a much cheaper alternative to any pricy shimmer, and only requires a few materials.

You’ll need:

• Body Oil

• Highlighter

• Funnel

• Fork

• Piece of paper

I used Neutrogena’s Body Oil for $9.99, and Wet n Wild’s Megaglo Highlighting Powder for $4.99

To start, scrape the entire contents of the highlighter onto the paper. Next, cut the highlighter into a powder with your fork. Once there are no chunks of highlighter left, remove the lid of the body oil and place the funnel in the neck of the bottle. Finally, gently lift the paper to the funnel and pour the highlighter powder into the funnel. Now that the highlighter is in the body oil, shake the bottle and get your glow on!

When using oil in the sun, I am always nervous that it’ll cause a sunburn. However, after a few trial runs I can attest that this body shimmer won’t make you burn in the sun. I’ve worn it over my SPF at the beach and pool, and haven’t burnt once. I always keep this in my bag for an extra glow boost whenever I’m in the sun!