Dealing with Acne and Dry Skin


I’ll be the first to admit it. Once I see that dreaded red bump start to form underneath the skin, my first instinct is to immediately attack it with all of the benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and pink drying treatments I have on hand.  While some of these treatments work wonders for oilier skin types, those of us blessed with dry and acne prone skin don’t have the most luck.

When traditional acne treatments are applied to already dry, patchy skin, the area becomes even drier, flaky and more often than not it looks even worse than before we doused it with topical treatments.

After trying all the acne treatments on the market, I came across Corsx Pimple Patches on Amazon. These incredible miracle workers flatten pimples overnight thanks to their hydrocolloid coating that sucks up all the gunk and other nasties that live below the zit’s surface. These patches are an absolute DREAM for dry skin because they don’t fry your skin with drying active ingredients. Because the pimple doesn’t go through the dry, flaky period before healing, I find that my zits clear up much faster (and easier to cover up with makeup!)

Another addition I’ve added to my anti-pimple arsenal is Herbivore Botanical’s Lapis Facial Oil  Now I know many of us would be freaking out at the thought of slathering oil on our zit-ridden faces, but trust me on this one. Loaded with Squalene and blue tansy oil, this facial oil heals (and prevents!) congestion without sacrificing that hydrated glow. Since adding this gem to my routine, my redness has decreased significantly, while giving my complexion a very even look.

As tempting as those “zit zapping” topical treatments that line drugstore aisles can be, overloading acne prone skin with harsh actives can often make your complexion even angrier, resulting in raw, sensitive skin. Sticking with these gentle, but effective treatments had made all the difference in my dry skin!