Things Kiara Finished - Vol. I

As beauty editors, the Pur Opulence Beauty team tries A LOT of products. There simply isn't time to try every product we receive or buy in full. There is always a new launch that forces you to toss that serum you've been using to the side. But occasionally... there are the products that we love enough to get the bottom of. Listed below are the products that I loved enough to not only use in full, but repurchase. 


Sunday Riley Good Genes

$135 USD

 I was so sad to get the bottom of this $135 bottle, but I loved it enough to grab a new one. I also recommended this to 3 friends, dragged a friend to Sephora to watch her buy it, and fought off a saleswoman who tried to sway my friend to buy a Laneige product instead. Good Genes = results. Brightening, evening, plumping, smoothing, blurring. Good Genes is the flower crown snapchat filter in a bottle. Bottom line. 

Diptyque Vanille.jpg

Diptyque Vanille Candle

$64 usd

I must admit that I am a sucker for Vanilla. I am the proud owner of an innumerable amount of Vanilla scented do-dads, but it can kind of start to become a nauseating blur of sweetness. I was so quick to pick this up online, having not even smelled it, convinced that it was a safe bet.All Vanilla candles smell the same, right? I was so wrong. Diptyque unisex take on Vanilla is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy that is less Cupcake and just have to smell it yourself.




Frecklefarm Organics 24k GOLD INFUSED Revitalizing Youth Serum

$99 USD

 The oil that seems to compliment my old pal Good Genes like the peanut butter and jelly of skincare, I have been OBSESSED with this serum and just opened my second bottle. On days when I'm not using Good Genes, this is on my face. I use it in the morning under my moisturizer for an extra layer of protection from free-radicals and whatever else is in city air (don't tell me). It also has flakes of 24 karat gold in it so.... you've heard enough.



Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle

$56 USD

- I must admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Fall or Pumpkin Spice flavoured things. Now, before you click away for my blasphemous commentary, allow me to introduce to you, NEST Fragrances' Pumpkin Chai Candle, AKA, the gateway drug of Pumpkin scented paraphernalia.

Hubble Daily Eye Contacts

$40 / MONTH

-Contemplating calling this a beauty favourite because no pair of accessories will ever be more important than my contacts. As someone who would not be allowed to operate a car sans visual aid, these are essential. I used to be obsessed with my monthly contacts and always dreamed of the disposable daily contact life, but couldn't fathom paying almost a hundred dollars every month. Though originally sketched out by how affordable Hubble contacts are, I now happily fork over a mere $40 a month to have 30 pairs of comfortable daily contacts.


PLANT Apothecary Ground Control Body Oil

$38 USD

- No one is a bigger fan of oil than this gal, and believe me, I've tried them all. PLANT Apothecary Ground Control maintains the perfect balance of moisturizing but not greasy. I do prefer this at night to avoid covering my chiffon blouses in oil, but nothing is better than slipping into your sheets after a nighttime shower with a thin layer of this. You wake up feeling extra soft.  If you're someone who enjoys herbal scents.... why isn't this in your shopping cart already?