Everyday Makeup Picks

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When I am actually wearing makeup, it’s usually a natural, fresh look and will probably contain a glossier item or two, or five. My everyday makeup is based on my mood and what I’m doing that day. Some days it’s bare skin with combed brows and curled lashes, or lots of cheek color and mascara. Most days its nothing. Again it all depends on what I’m feeling that day. I’m going to share my tried and true favorites that I use in my various makeup looks.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

$26 USD/$32 CAD

Basically no coverage is provided with this product, yet it still manages to even your skin tone just slightly enough to make a difference. I’ve never been big on wearing full coverage foundation. I like my skin to look like skin. I think that’s why Glossier makeup and I get along so well. This product leaves my skin dewy and looking fresh.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer

$28 USD/$37 CAD

I use this for both spot concealing & the under eyes. The formulation moves with my skin and never creases on my under eyes. It’s medium coverage makes my darker under eyes look healthier. It definitely conceals blemishes well enough for my standards but I wouldn’t say it makes any mark completely disappear. It’s also very moisturizing which I love in my concealers. No dry cakiness here, thank you very much.

Glossier Cloud Paint

$18 USD/$22 CAD

If you follow me at all, you know, I LOVE cloud paints. The bouncy gel- cream formula blends into the skin seamlessly, leaving puffs of color wherever you decide to apply. Unless I’m going completely makeup free, this product will be on my face. I like to mix shades using the back of my hand as a palette, buffing the color into my skin with a stipple brush or tap on with my fingers. I usually take the leftover of whatever color I used on my cheeks and apply to my eyes. It brings the look together.

Nudestix Nudies in Bondi Bae

$30 USD/$38 CAD

This is my go-to bronzer and the color is perfect for warming up my face. This bronzy nude is what I use to lightly contour my face when I’m going for a look that might be a little more than casual. This is an eyes+lips+face product and perfect for something monochromatic and easy. The formula blends in so nicely. I use a stipple brush to soften the edges and blend the product on my skin.

Boy Brow

$16 USD/$20 CAD

This little tube is a brow saver and all I need when it comes to my brows. Most days I use ‘clear’ to shape my brows into place. When I want my brows to looks a bit darker I use ‘blonde’, ‘brown’ being too dark. The formula is light and mouse-y instead of other brow gels that leave brow hairs dry and crunchy.

Glossier Haloscope

$22 USD/$27 CAD

Instead of chunky sparkles that sit on top of the skin this highlighter stick blends into the skin creating a glowy sheen on the skin. An oil core with rich skin moisturizers and a creamy outer ring of genuine crystal extracts. Creating a clean dewy fresh look. The shade quartz is my go to.

Lash Slick

$16 USD/$20 CAD

This is my ride or die mascara, it does everything it claims to do. It is the key to beautiful fluttery lashes. The formula has tiny fibers that hook on the end of your lashes to lengthen, while natural shine polymers make for a sleek, shiny look and vegan biotin to condition your lashes. My favorite part is that it doesn’t smudge, I can now do anything I want with this mascara on and know that I’m not gonna have racoon eyes by the end of the day or night. With only the tiniest bit of flaking as it’s only flaw, this is the mascara of my dreams.

Lash Curler

Whether mascara is playing a part or not, curling my lashes is something I always do. My lashes hold a curl pretty well, so it makes a difference.

Colourpop Supershock Shadows

$5 USD/$7 CAD

Cheap, great color payoff and many gorgeous pigments to choose from. When I want to wear eyeshadow, this is my pick. Easy to apply and blend with your fingers or a brush. I prefer to use my fingers to swipe this formula on. One of my favorite shades is a pinky nude called ‘Wattles’. Love having these on hand for a quick swipe of color on the eyelids.

Fenty Gloss Bomb

$18 USD/$24 CAD

This gloss is so moisturizing and not sticky in the least. Perfect for makeup and no-makeup days. Shiny and shimmery perfection on the lips. It’s pretty straight forward, I’m obsessed.

These makeup products are constants in my collection, creating easy, fresh looks. What are some of your makeup must haves?