Faith’s SPF Picks

It’s the peak of summer - backyard BBQs and pool parties are in full swing- and so are those UV rays! It’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re protecting yourself against the sun! Okay, not really- its always important, but you get the idea. Today, I’m rounding up my top three facial SPF’s:


Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream Triple Care SPF50 PA+++ 

1.7oz/$14 USD

Innisfree is one of the most popular k-beauty brands out there and it’s finally made its debut in America! Thank goodness- their products have amazing formulations at an affordable price. Their UV Protection Cream in “Triple Care” is a standout to me. They have two others in this range to fit every skin’s needs- one for oily skin and another for dry skin. However, none hold a candle to the triple care formulation. Think of this product as a primer and SPF all in one. It goes on quite thick, but blends into the skin quickly with ease. It literally erases my pores, leaving me with a beautiful canvas ready for makeup application. This SPF doesn’t slip or slide. It’s waterproof and can withstand some of the most humid summer days. This SPF is an all time favorite of mine. Perfect for all skin types, but I would recommend this for those if you with normal, combination or oily skin!


Farmacy Green Screen SPF 30

1.7oz/$36 USD

Green Screen is on the expensive side when it comes to an SPF. I can easily justify the price, as this mineral sunscreen has the best ingredient deck of the three. Like the InnisfreeSPF, this product acts like a primer. While it doesn’t help with the longevity of your make up, it does smooth out the skin beautifully. The consistency is a thin cream that blends out quickly into a colorless solution.  I don’t experience any white cast with this formula (huge win) and its perfect for flash photography. It also contains phytochemical cichoricacid which helps the skin to maintain a healthy glow through the day! Perfect for all skin types, but I would recommend this SPF specifically to those of you with skin sensitivities. I’ve never broken out from Green Screen or had any irritation when using this product. It’s my perfect every day sunscreen!


COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream PA50+++

1.7oz/$14 USD

The Aloe Sun Cream from CosRX is a fan favorite and with good reason. As the name would suggest, this product contains Aloe and helps to soothe tired skin. The SPF is lightweight and absorbs quickly. Of the three, this is the most hydrating- so much so, that my combo skin prefers this as a moisturizer. Personally, I only use this SPF when I’m going to be outside- or the day after being exposed to UV rays. It’s extremely nourishing when exposed to the heat and helps to calm down the skin after sun exposure. If you’re normal to dry, this SPF will be your best friend for daily use.

That rounds up my top picks for my favorite facial sunscreens. I rotate between these three depending on activity level and the outside conditions. Not all SPF’s are created equally! What facial sunscreens are your favorites?

Until next time, I #blondeyouadieu!