Foundation 101

It’s important when choosing foundation that you are choosing the right shade and applying it correctly. There are many different types of foundations available today on the market so it depends on your needs as everyone’s skin is different.Using the wrong shades and improper technique can make your makeup look fake and unnatural. There are liquid, cream, pressed powder, mineral powder and gel.Here are some quick foundation basics I’ve learned over the years to help you look flawless and natural. Trying a few different application techniques can also be helpful in finding the perfect makeup look just for you!


Always start with a clean face. You can use a cleanser with exfoliating micro-beads or buff your skin with an exfoliating face pad. Then use a moisturizer and primer that is appropriate for your skin type and apply it to your face. While applying face primer is not necessary, it can help you achieve that smooth, air-brushed finish by filling in any pores.


Depending on your skin type, this will play a crucial role in the types of foundations you use. If you have dry skin like me, then use cream based or liquid foundations. Whereas if you have oily or combination skin, then pressed powder or compacts are best for you.


Choosing the correct shade is very essential. When finding the perfect shade, test it along your jawline first as there are foundations for cool, neutral, and warm undertones. I personally have warm undertone so getting foundation in the wrong skin tone and undertone can make your face look orange-y, yellowish, or ashy. Also, many times the lighting isn’t the best in the stores so spend some time outside in sunlight under natural light and see how it wears and look. This will give you more time to judge the shade.


When selecting your foundation, it is important to decide how much coverage you want. There are different types of foundations available, and each will give you different results. Cream foundation is thick, but it will give you the most coverage but keep in mind that it can also feel heavy on your face. This type of foundation works for normal and dry skin types.Liquid foundation can give you a sheer to medium coverage and it will help even out your skin tone but you may need to use concealer. This type of foundation is best for dry and combination skin types. Now powder foundation will give you the lightest coverage, and will look the most natural for giving you that no-makeup look. This type of foundation is great for oily skin types.


There are many different ways you can apply your foundation. Coverage also depends on what you use to put the foundation on your skin. You can use a beauty blender, foundation brushes, your fingers or sponges. You can use your fingers, a makeup sponge, or even a foundation brush, depending on the type of foundation you have.


Skin changes with the weather, and so do our foundation needs. Keep a lighter foundation for the winter time (one that matches your skin tone) and one a few shades darker for when your skin becomes more tanned in the summer months. You can always blend the two to create your own perfect shade in between. Additionally, in the in winter months, you can always go with cream based foundations, whereas in summers you can easily go with pressed or compacts.

Ann-Marie is a Canadian beauty blogger, contributing to Pur Opulence on a monthly basis.