The French Edit: The Winter Hand Cream


Pommade Concrète Balm from Buly 1803  

My go-to Hand Cream for the winter. Though more of a hand “balm” (as per the title), the richness of this soaks into my hands to soothe and nourish like no other hand care product. It’s super thick, so my trick is to squeeze a little bit on the tops of each hand, let it sit for about 30 seconds to warm up, then massage for a good minute or so. I love applying this right before bed, after my skincare routine and shower, as the hydration and care of Shea Butter, Roman Chamomile, Sesame Seed Oil, and the special Buly touch is like a nice warm blanket for the hands...just what the hands need for Winter!

Julie @jbeaute_JulieComment