Springing Away from Winter with Fresh

Winter is almost over (thank goodness!), and that means skincare needs a little revamping. With weather changes comes skin changes; the skin will be a little less dry, maybe even a little less sensitive, but will still need hydration and a bit of perking up (also, hello allergy season!).


Fresh’s Rose Face Mask is good to use year round, daily (if you wish), for all skin types. I love pulling this mask out at the start of spring to use a few mornings a week.With the turning of seasons and the emergence of allergies, my skin is kind of going in circles on where to go and what to do! It’s a little dull, a bit exhausted looking, and this is why pulling out this mask at the start of every spring for me, is essential.

The soft, floral aroma of fresh Roses really perks me up not just externally, but internally. It’s calming and the fragrance of the mask is such a wonderfully joyful burst of serenity.You’d think this mask would cost more just by the scent alone…Alas, its super affordable with a luxury feel and results.

The mask itself hydrates, nourishes, tones, smoothes, soothes, brightens, and tightens…essentially it’s an all-around “pick me up” for any skin woe. The cooling gel combo of real Rose petals, Rosewater, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera, and Green Tea make this the feel-good mask that everyone needs stored away in their skincare cupboard. I’ve gotten friends hooked on it too! Even if you don’t care for floral or rose-scented beauty products (you know who you are), the takeaway and results you get after one use will make you bare with the fragrance for the 10-minutes you have it on. I personally love to leave this on for at least a half hour in the morning a few times a week; make my coffee, catch up on my emails. Makeup applies effortlessly on the skin every time after I use this mask, no dry patches or redness in sight.

It’s a mask that every skincare enthusiast should (or already has) in his or her routines. If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into the Fresh brand, the Rose Face Mask is the most recommended, popular, and best way to start. You’ll fall in love instantly.