Skincare & Makeup Picks for a Full Glam Evening

Glam makeup, to me, is all about the skin, the eyes, and the lips. Anytime I have a night out I meticulously plan both my skincare and my makeup for days beforehand and I can honestly say, the getting ready process is probably more fun for me than the night out itself. Here are some of my top picks for a party-ready face.


$135 USD (10).png

If I had to name my one indulgent, special occasion only skincare item, these masks would be it. I think I am the only skincare lover in the world to strongly dislike sheet masks, but I make an exception for these. Flooding the skin with the brand’s key ingredient, Pitera, this mask is designed to “refine texture and address uneven skin tone, dryness, large pores, and oiliness.” I don’t use these often enough to notice a difference in texture or pores, but I can say that for a night out, this is the single best brightening product I own. I wear this one for a good 20-30 minutes and once removed, I pat in the remaining essence before going straight to my moisturizer. I find this gives enough moisture for me to skip a hydrating serum which helps, because too many layers after this mask will cause pilling. Tip: there’s a lot of essence in the pack and the mask - once opened I pour everything in the bottom of the pack into a sample jar and use it for the next couple days, it makes me feel better about the hefty price tag. I also usually buy these by the box at Duty Free in an airport. One box has 10 masks and that usually lasts me about 9 months to a year, a worthwhile investment in my books.

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A cult favourite for good reason, this moisturizer doubles as a makeup primer and does an excellent job of not only hydrating but smoothing my skin. When I’m going to be wearing a lot of makeup, I try to minimize my skincare layers and this moisturizer hydrates my skin while preventing water loss throughout the evening. I have no makeup meltdown with this and my skin stays comfortable. Win!

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Designed as a “finishing serum” this little gem is to be used after moisturizer as a final step in a skincare routine. I use this as a primer in small amounts and love the glow it brings to the skin. I dab it under my eyes, along the bridge and on the sides of my nose (where I get dehydrated) and on my forehead and I find it brings life to my skin without having to pile on highlighter. This little lady is on the pricier side as well, so I tend to reserve her for special nights out or days where I’m looking extremely tired or dehydrated.

$135 USD (16).png

I know, I know, I rave about this stuff all the time but it’s the best base product I’ve ever had. Lightweight, events skin tone, hydrating, and looks like skin - what more do you want? I know the gut instinct in full glam makeup is to go for a full coverage foundation but hear me out: if you’re going out at night, the lighting is usually darker and more flattering, which also means its more forgiving. Caking on layers of foundation looks really unnatural so I prefer to go for a light base (especially after brightening skincare) and conceal where necessary. Another (non) pro tip? I don’t put any foundation or concealer on or at the sides of my nose - it’s a focal point of the face, and when left bare, it gives the illusion that the rest of the skin is also minimally made up. I lightly powder my T-zone including my nose, and find since there’s no base product there, nothing gets cake-y and there’s no makeup to sink into my skin. I’ll take it.


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I mentioned previously that evening lighting is usually more flattering than full blown daylight, and this bad boy here is evening lighting in a compact. This is what I use to set my base for almost every “full” makeup look because it brings a warmth and softness to the skin like no other. I apply it with a large, fluffy brush because anything stiffer can cause it to look a bit cake-y and I make sure to bring the product all the way down my neck to create a seamless canvas. If you want to enter the world of the Ambient Lighting range from Hourglass, Dim Light is a great place to start (and Sephora sells mini sizes of this too!)

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This iconic pink and green tube is my top pick for a night out mascara. The “Big” version is so buildable I can pack on 3 or 4 coats without a clump in sight, and the blackest black colour brings so much depth to the eyes. Easy to touch up and no flaking make this a wedding guest winner as well. Another upside? I happily pack this in my purse and don’t feel bad if it gets lost in the evening, because I can easily pick up another one for $6 at any drugstore. Can’t beat that.

I am a firm believer that Charlotte Tilbury makes some of the nicest cheek products on the market and this Bronze and Glow duo is simply amazing. The bronze shade is a true golden bronze that works to contour and warm up the face without coming off as flat or orange. I sweep this under my cheekbones, over my temples and along the sides of my nose to slim my face and provide some depth. I then take it along my jawline and down my neck to make sure everything is blended. I use the Glow side under my brows, along my nose, on the inner corner of my eyes, and on the tops of my cheekbones. If I’m doing a smokey eye I tend to skip blush and wear only this Bronze and Glow, it brings the look together without distracting from the eyes. This is also the perfect cheek combination to wear with a rep lip, in my humble opinion.

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While on the topic of the red lip, this is my absolute favourite of all time. Anytime I post a picture wearing this I get multiple people asking which shade. Don’t be put off by the deep hue in the tube, this is a beautiful berry red that isn’t too bright or dark - It warms the face and adds drama without being too over the top. Not only is the colour perfect for (I think) any skin tone, the formula is also hydrating, buildable, and comfortable. I’ve gone through countless tubes of this and plan to always have it in my arsenal.

So there you have it, my staples for any wedding, special occasion dinner, or night out look. I haven’t had the chance yet this year for a full glam look, but I’m hoping 2018 brings me numerous opportunities to bust out my favourites. My brother is getting married in July which means I better get to planning my look for the evening, can never start too early I say.

Have a lovely week,