What You Need For Your Glowiest Skin Yet in the New Year

Let’s talk a little about glowing up, shall we? While simultaneously keeping your body hydrated from the inside, start using products with good ingredients to give you your glowiest skin yet. New year, new glow.


Complex Beauty The Godmother Enzyme Mask

$35 USD

It’s clear by now that Complex Beauty’s products do no wrong in my book. I’ve tried everything in their line, and love it all so it’s always hard to chose which one I love the most. But, if you’re going for the glow, try The Godmother. It’s full of pumpkin enzymes, fruit extracts, warming spices, and AHAs so you most certainly feel it working (i.e. it tingles), but oh boy is it worth it. It always leaves my skin glowy, soft, supple, and clear. Sublime is an understated sentiment when it comes to how I feel about this mask. Naming it “The Godmother” is justified, for sure.


Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

$90 USD

Glycolic acid is a friend of mine, and so is this serum. It has a cooling gel consistency that always feels refreshing. I’ve used a lot of acids on my skin so this one doesn’t tingle for me, but if you’re sensitive then definitely beware since it has a 12% AHA blend. Essentially, this is a glow inducing serum that I like when I really want to step things up.

unnamed (1).png

Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Toner

$26 USD

I always used toner because, well, that’s what I’ve been programmed to do. But this toner stands out among the rest. It’s a Vitamin C toner that, with continued use, has brightened things up and made my skin glow sans makeup. Most nights after cleansing I sweep a cotton pad drenched with said toner along my face and marvel at the glow, and that I gave my skin a little extra helping of antioxidants. That’s always good.


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

$45 USD

The best part about sleeping masks is that they do all the work while you snooze. Sometimes I’m lazy with my skincare routine, and that’s when this one comes into play. It has a gel texture, it’s full of hyaluronic acid, AHAs, and fruit extracts, and it smells like a little divine jar of watermelon jolly ranchers. Because of all the great ingredients, I can skip my florid regimen of serums, moisturizers, potions, and tinctures. Instead, simply cleanse, apply this sleeping mask, and wake up with smooth, hydrated, bright skin.


Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum

$24.99 USD

You can’t have glowy skin if it’s dry and flaky so hyaluronic acid should become your skin’s new companion. This hyaluronic acid serum has a refreshing gel texture, it’s lightweight, and a little tacky to the touch so it goes great under moisturizer. Definitely add a HA serum into your routine to amp up your dew.

p.s. I mentioned a lot of exfoliants and actives, but be careful so you don’t over do it and disrupt your skin barrier. Take it slow and easy. The glow will be worth it.

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