5 Holiday Glam Makeup Picks for Your Next Party


 Marc Jacobs See-quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow

$28 USD // $35 CAD

If you want your eyeballs to look like bling-y little ornaments on your face, you must try these new Marc Jacobs shadows. Released in time for the holiday season, these glitter packed eyeshadow will help you achieve the ULTIMATE glitzy, glamourous, sparkly eye look for the holidays. The formula of these shadows is so incredibly unique; they feel silky and almost wet to the touch, and they glide onto the eyes like butter. These delicious shadows feature a rich, bold base colour with flecks of glitter that catch the light with every flick of your lashes. My personal favourite shades are Gleam Girl, a shimmery champagne colour, and Glamethyst, a dazzling deep amethyst purple with silver and gold sparkles. Think of these as those glittery eyeshadows you loved as a kid, but re-done in an elevated, sophisticated way. I do find that these apply best with a finger, gently pressed onto the lid for maximum glittery impact, but they can also be buffed out with a brush for a more diffused sparkly look. I will caution however that there is a tiny bit of fallout with these shadows, so I would suggest doing your foundation first - or don’t! Glittery under eyes are a totally cute way to disguise the fact that you stayed up late drinking spiked eggnog, or watching cheesy Christmas movies with your bae.

Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm.jpg

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

$68 USD // $82 CAD

If you’re seeking that natural, healthy, glazed donut-esque sheen on your cheeks, look no further than this magical balm from Bobbi Brown! This particular illuminator features pearl particles and a boost of added hydration to make your cheeks look plump and juicy, without making you look glittery or oily. You can mix this balm into your foundation, use it under or over makeup, or even use it on your body to achieve that high fashion model sheen all over. I find this product to give a similar glow to the glossier haloscope, but this one dries down on the skin and does not stay sticky at all. Despite drying down, this balm still manages to stay looking dewy even after it dries down, making it a great base for a powder highlighter, or as a glossy more natural highlighter all on its own. I just can’t get over the natural yet still noticeable, lit from within glow it gives me, but safe to say I am beyond obsessed with it. This stuff makes me look like I just drank a kale spirulina smoothie and sat in the sauna for 2 hours, and I am so here for it.


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

$48 USD // $60 CAD

Keeping with the Bobbi Brown theme, I want to talk about a product that I feel has been forgotten in the sands of makeup time. Let me take you back to 2003, when Bobbi Brown first launched the shimmer brick and made strobing a thing before it was officially *a*thing. In the sea of blinding highlighters, it is easy to overlook this iconic product and brush it off as a sparkly blush your mom might wear, but let me tell you, it is so much more than that. Featuring 5 shimmering strips of colour, this stunning product delivers a soft focus, ethereal glow to the skin that is never chunky of glittery, only shiny and smooth. My favourite shade is pink quartz, and I love to sweep it generously all over my cheeks as a blush topper, and focus it more intensely on the tops of my cheekbones to give me that juicy Nam Vo dewy dumpling sheen (side note; if you don’t follow makeup artist Nam Vo on Instagram, you best get on that ASAP). This also looks beautiful swept over the eyes and in the inner corner for just a touch of brightness around the eyes. Just swatch this next time you’re in Sephora, and be prepared to wonder how you don’t have this staple in your makeup collection right yet. I must confess though, that I bought this for my Mom as a Christmas gift last year, but I am consistently rummaging through her makeup drawer to dig out this shimmer brick, so that I can feel like a glowing goddess on the days I want a high impact yet natural sheen.I will certainly be wearing it all throughout this holiday season (and so will she)!


Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner

$20 USD // $24 CAD

I must confess; I am absolute trash at doing my eyeliner, so it kind of feels like I have absolutely no business recommending a liquid eyeliner to you, but I am going to do it anyways. Eyeliner is not something I wear often, but this black liquid liner has sort of been a game changer for me. Featuring a tapered felt tip and rich black payoff, this particular liner has made it so much easier for me to do black liner on the days I am feeling a little bit extra! Thanks to the easy to use tip on this eyeliner, I am able to create both more dramatic winged looks (and by dramatic I mean a tiny wing because I have a stupid eye shape that doesn’t look good with a big wing), or subtler looks with a thin liner close to the roots of my lashes. Finding an easy to use eyeliner is a big deal for someone like me who is absolutely inept at eyeliner, thanks to shaky hands and a weird eye shape. The lasting power on this stuff is crazy too; it is waterproof and smudge proof and really lives up to those claims! It goes hard all day without fading, cracking, transferring, or giving me messy raccoon eyes, all of which are my biggest fears when it comes to eyeliner. Finally, the intensity and opacity of the eyeliner is incredible. It is a true deep black that goes on glossy, and then dries down to gorgeous matte, rich black liner that simply won’t budge no matter what!


YSL BEAUTY Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in 01 Le Rouge

$38 USD // $44 CAD

First a black liner, and now a red lip for the holiday? Wow Paloma, a groundbreaking look. Sarcasm aside though, would a holiday makeup guide truly be complete without a red lip recommendation? This particular red from YSL has got to be the single most beautiful red lipstick I have seen in my 21 years on this planet. A true blood red, this lipstick is THE ultimate holiday (or every day) bold lip. This yummy lipstick goes on glossy, and then dries down to a satin matte finish that keeps your lips hydrated and plump looking. Once it dries down, it feels truly weightless on the lips, and stays in place so you don’t have to worry about the colour migrating outside of your lip line. It does not ball up or collect on the inside of the lip, making it incredibly comfortable to wear, and to touch up if you feel like it! This lipstick lasts a good couple of hours, and fades beautifully, meaning that you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying. I find that it leaves behind a the most perfect, evenly pigmented stain that is soft and diffused, yet still vibrant. Whether you go for the crisp bold red lip, or the dreamy faded French pout, I can promise that you will not be disappointed with this choice.