Jasmina's Serum Favorites

Serums are some of my favorite skincare products. There are so many different types for so many different skin types so there’s no reason someone couldn’t find one to really suite their needs. Here are some of my favorites:

Velvet Skin No. 11 Brightening Serum is one of my top products of 2017 and is truly something special. This oil-based serum is packed with amazing ingredients and has transformed my skin. It sinks into the skin quickly and easily and leaves behind brighter skin.  The scent reminds me of a lush store which I could get lost in any day of the week.  The entire Clutch Collection retails for $39 which includes 15ml of the No. 11 Brightening Serum, VIP Detox Mask (1oz) and the Plush Hydrating Melt (.05oz). This indie brand has absolutely blown me away.


Vitamin C is something my skin needs and misses when I don’t use. If you’re not already using a Vitamin C serum, I HIGHLY suggest you start. The Drunk Elephant C-Firma has been a long time favorite. Retailing for $80/30mL it’s a skin-vestment you won’t be sorry you made. Formulated with a whopping  15% of L-Ascorbic acid, this product has been my skin savior. This little guy is more than just your typical “vitamin C”- it’s formulated with Pumpkin Ferment and Pomegranate Enzymes which exfoliates dead skin cells. C-Firma claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles for smoother skin, help replenish lipids, and help reverse visible signs of sun damage and, it does just that. The texture of this product is a smooth gel that feels cool once applied to the skin and it sinks into the skin beautifully. Since vitamin c is very difficult to stabilize, the airless pump on this packaging is ideal and genius. When using different vitamin C products, I’ve noticed I’d only be able to get through ½ a bottle before the product oxidizes. You know what that means don’t you? BYE, BYE money. It’s gut wrenching having to throw away product that you paid for.


Hydrating serums are my favorite. Having dry skin this is a must. There are 2 in particular that are always present on my shelf and those are the Glossier Super Bounce and the Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate. Glossier’s Super Bounce retails for $28/15mL. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5, this is like a drink of water for your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant and pulls moisture into your skin leaving it looking and feeling smooth and plump. There’s a reason that this is called “Super Bounce” because the skin feels plumper and well, bouncier. The Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum is magic in a bottle. Retailing for $29/30mL, it has quickly taken the top spot and I don’t see it changing any time soon. This serum is also hyaluronic acid based but also has vitamin c and multiple extracts that when applied to the skin, it’s an instant transformation. This product is a must have and it will transform your skin.


I couldn’t write this and NOT talk about Sunday Riley Good Genes. If you haven’t tried it, your foot needs to be out the door by now wallet in tow heading to the store. This beauty is formulated with lactic acid and it claims to exfoliate, brighten, smooth and plump skin. From my experience it does just that. I noticed immediate results. I’ve been using this product for quite some time now but I did notice immediate results. My skin was baby smooth, fine lines seemed to have disappeared and not a white head in sight. If you’re looking for a gentler exfoliator, lactic acid might be a way to go. Lactic acid molecules are bigger than glycolic acid molecules, which therefore means they don’t settle as deeply into your skin. It gently exfoliates the top layer of your skin revealing a smoother, brighter complexion. Lactic acid is an AHA which also helps attract water to the skin which is why this product drew me in further. It’s not harsh on the skin and glides on easily and keeps my face feeling hydrated. At $105/1oz it’s not cheap buy any means but, in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.


I’ve talked about a lactic acid serum but I couldn’t end without talking about the Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum.  I heard so much about this product and every single person raved about it. Formulated with 12% AHA and BHA blend, it claims to help smooth, exfoliate and increase collagen production.  This product does not disappoint.  When using this, I wake up with much more radiant and smoother skin. Glycolic acid is a smaller molecule and therefore sinks more deeply into the skin and combats issues which are deeper in the skin vs, surface issues.  I’ve noticed that with regular use (couple times a week) this serum keeps my breakouts at bay and essentially keeps my skin looking smooth and glowy. Retailing for $90/30mL it’s another skin-vestment you won’t be sorry you made.

These are just some of my favorite serums. I tend to focus on exfoliation and hydration. What are some of your favorite serums?