Skincare Products: Save or Splurge?

Full disclosure, I’ve been known to splurge on many things in the skincare arena.  Anything from moisturizers to eye creams, serums to masks, I’ve made both smart and ridiculous purchases.  Sometimes, it’s the pretty packaging that reels you in, the newest trend, or the hype on Instagram from your favorite blogger or enthusiast, but either way, a hefty price tag shouldn’t be the end all be all for every product in your routine.  With so many brands and products to choose from, it’s easy to get lost.  But, at the end of the day, it’s important to try and focus on where to spend the money, and where it’s not always worth the big bucks.


It’s important to get a serum that is going to deliver potent ingredients and maximize the results of all your other skincare products.  Serums are made up of super concentrated ingredients.  These small molecules are used to penetrate deep into the skin to target a specific issue and achieve a specific outcome.  I think this is the most important area on which to take the plunge and spend a little extra.  One of my more recent serum purchases was the Biologique Recherche Placenta Serum, purchased at 0.3oz/$68.00.  Yes, this is a teeny tiny little bottle, but the shelf life is only 6 months, and a little bit goes a long way.  This serum has been so great for my breakouts, I’ve had so many less instances of acne.  When I do have a minor breakout, this serum has healed everything so much quicker than before I was using it, and makes the breakout area appear so much less red while healing.  The tone and texture of my skin seems so much smoother in those areas, and used under the eye, it has a nice de-puffing and brightening effect. Safe to say, this has been money well spent.


Ok, when it comes to a moisturizer you could go ahead and splurge, if you’re feeling so inclined.  However, I’ve tried many moisturizers and have found some of my absolute favorites for locking in all those expensive serums and treatments are actually quite inexpensive.  First, I am obsessed with Stratia Liquid Gold, purchased at 60ml/$24.00.  I highly doubt you’ll find a moisturizer that will not only hydrate, but strengthen and heal the skin at this price point.  It has a super thin, silky, lightweight texture, once massaged in, your skin immediately plumps up, and has a beautiful hydrated glow.  This moisturizer in particular aims to strengthen your skins moisture barrier (contains fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides) to give it a more bouncy look.  It’s not a gimmick, this stuff works, and at 24.00, you cannot go wrong.

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I think retinol is one of the best ingredients you can use when it comes to anti-aging products.  If you use retinol over a prolonged period of time, it is said to improve skin’s firmness, refine pores, and smooth wrinkles.  Sign me up!  One of my favorite retinol treatments has been Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment, purchased from 1oz/$56.00.  Truthfully, this isn’t even a super splurge, I think it’s completely reasonable for the results that I’ve seen.  Ever since I began using retinol about 2 years ago (like the day I hit 30), I’ve seen my skin have more bounce, better tone and texture, and best of all minimized pores, and no lines or wrinkles occurring.  This retinol in particular also contains peptides and Vitamin c (antioxidant), which I think have truly added to the brightening and strengthening of my skin.  The best part of all for me is that although it is 1% retinol, I’ve had no irritation ever.  It is infused with licorice extract and oat extract which are great for nourishing the skin and easing any type of redness or irritation that retinol can sometimes cause for sensitive skin types.


There really isn’t any other reason to by a super expensive cleanser other than, you just felt like it.  No matter what big time ingredients are in it, it’s only on your face about 2 minutes, so I don’t think any ingredient that is expensive enough to warrant a big price tag should be wasted on such a short-term part of your skincare routine.  When buying a cleanser, I think two thing are key, it thoroughly cleanses the skin, and doesn’t disturb your moisture barrier.  If it removes makeup, SPF, and you can manage to save a buck, Brava!  Enter, Jordan Samuel Skin The After Show Treatment Cleanser.  Hands down, my favorite cleanser of all time, purchased at 3oz/$20.  You might think $20 is a lot for only 3 oz, but a tiny dollop covers the entire face and neck.  It has great slip for a nice face massage removing all dirt, makeup, and SPF.  The added bonuses (yes there are more than one), it smells delicious (like gummy bears), doubles as a hydration mask, and contains apple fruit extract and willow bark extract to lightly exfoliate, and leave your skin absolutely glowing, hydrated, and clean.  It’s the best $20.00 you’ll ever spend, and now you can spring for the expensive serum!


The eyes are the first places you start to see the signs of aging.  So I think putting your money where your eyes are is crucial. I also think it’s important to start treating the eye area at a young age so that you aren’t backtracking too hard later on.  I like an eye serum or cream to have plenty of antioxidants to fight free radicals and soothe and nourish the skin.  One of my favorites that I used about a year ago, and just recently repurchased, is the Tula Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum purchased from 0.5 oz/$52.00.  This serum contains caffeine which I love in an eye treatment because it immediately brightens and tightens the eye area.  I don’t have any wrinkles, crow’s feet, or sagging skin around the eye (yet), but this serum contains probiotics, and retinol which will help to prevent wrinkles and aging skin.  Plus the cool tip applicator is amazing because you don’t even need to touch the eye area, it is a gentle glide, no tugging skin (a great anti-aging benefit).


A hydrating sheet mask shouldn’t cost a fortune, however some do.  I’ve tried one particular mask from a luxury brand that was $45.00 (For one!).  Yes, it hydrated my skin, and felt nice to apply, but I can get the same hydrated effect that makes my face, and my pocket, happy too.  I really enjoyed the Red Earth Beauty Have Fun Hydrating Facial Mask (12pcs), $24.00 at  Essentially these are $2 each, and left my skin super plump, bouncy, and refreshed.  These were generously gifted to me by the brand, along with a few other products, but these were my favorite, hands down.  They also contains antioxidants, and do an amazing job at helping the skin retain moisture all day (just like the high price tag item).  I used these in my P.M. skincare routines, and always woke up with hydrated, balanced, happy skin

So you see, there are some products in your routine that are worth the splurge, and others you can save your money on.  Helps justify a pricey trip to Target ;-)