Kiara's Current Favorites

Notes from your Editor-in-Chief. 



$35 CAD / $27.50 USD

It seems I jumped quickly from being someone who had never worn mascara to now someone who appreciates the eye-framing benefits of a bold lash. Prior to my life-changing discovery, I'd spent years deflecting the inevitable gasps and questions from die-hard mascara lovers who live to scream, "How could you? I would NEVER leave the house without mascara!" I blamed my tendency to rub my eyes as a daily contact lens wearer, but really, I was scared and didn't have any faith that it wouldn't end up everywhere but on my lashes by the end of the day. I've slowly been taking the plunge into the Olympic pool that is mascara, one toe at a time. I've found mascaras that do amazing things to my lashes, but also work a great number on my undereyes. At this point, all I really require in a mascara is to add length and volume without clump, and to not run down my face as the day progresses. 

Insert: LANCÔME HYPNÔSE MASCARA. My new favourite mascara for daily wear, it's the only one I've found that doesn't smudge on me, even on the most humid day after many a glass of wine, which is usually when you go to the awkwardly lit bar bathroom expecting to look cute and then find black streaks under your eyes.

I also consider this to be a very lowkey mascara that's perfect for every day wear. It doesn't claim to make your lashes look like falsies or bat wings or whatever else marketing teams have convinced us our lashes should look like. It's a "your lashes, but I can actually see them" kind of mascara. 

This one has passed the test, and for that, it's becoming a staple and Kiara approved fave. 

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$58 CAD

Now, I must admit that nothing really makes me feel quite as bougie as smearing YSL anything on my face, but I was honestly shocked when I opened the box for this primer. It's orange. Somewhere between peach and pumpkin, this tinted primer claims to color correct and blur away dark patches on tanned or olive skin tones. I know what you're thinking, and no, this will not make you look you're auditioning for the next Willy Wonka movie. YSL wouldn't do you dirty like that. This primer instantly sheers out on the skin and provides a silky smooth base for the rest of your makeup. In typical YSL fashion, it's scattered with tiny illuminating gold flecks that provide even more glow and radiance.


BECCA Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette


$55 CAD / $46 USD

Speaking of glow and radiance, I don't think you'll meet a bigger fan of highlight than this gal right here. You know your highlight is poppin' when people stop to ask you what you're wearing, or when your friends take videos of you with the flash on just to capture the glow. In the spirit of testing new products, I try not to wear the same highlight every day. I don't know if this is cheating, but my brush is always in the Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette. The shade Sunstone is the perfect gold for my skin tone, and Becca's highlight formula is incomparable, but gold highlights are a little played out if you ask me. When I'm feeling adventurous, I dip into Pink Pyrite, a beautiful iridescent shade that only reflects pink when it hits the light. At some angles, it's imperceptible, and at others, it's shooting blinding rays that never appear chalky or harsh.


BENEFIT Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

$32 CAD / $24 USD

I'm not a big fan of filling in my brows. I'm lucky to be blessed with full fluffy brows that have seemingly been making their way back in style, while the overpluckers of the 90s and 00s lament their zealous tweezing. For me, I've never been bothered by the thickness of my brows, only their unruliness. While everyone was singing the praises of Glossier's Boy Brow, I found the formula to be a little too thickening and darkening for me. Benefit's Gimme Brow is my happy medium. It helps to tame my brows with soft hold (no stiff brows here), makes them look uniform and clean, but doesn't make me feel like Oscar the Grouch. 


$29 CAD / $24 USD

Finally, my favourite of the favourites, and the only thing that graces my face as I type this post. If you haven't tried a Fresh Sugar lip balm, dare I say the waxy balms you've been using just don't compare. This has the most softening formulas that goes on like warm butter and best of all, it comes in an array of sheer shades that really do just look like your lips but better. The Punch shade has been my go-to this Summer and hasn't left my bag. The only lip balm I've used consistently, sometimes the best lip color to go with a no-makeup makeup looks is wash of colour that also provides insane hydration.