Kim Kardashian West and Madonna Gave Us Beauty Advice


You might know Madonna for her icon status and classic hits, but like all women who continue to stay on top, she wears many hats. Singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman, Madonna is breaking ground in the beauty industry with her line of skincare MDNA Skin, which she founded in 2014. 

You also may or may not know a woman by the name of Kim Kardashian West (probably not), but let's just say she needs no introduction. Taking a page from little sister Kylie's book, Kim founded KKW Beauty last summer and when has anything been the same since? Given that the Internet has been trying to look like Kim since 2007, KKW Beauty was Bound 2 be a success. 

2018 has been giving us major #girlboss vibes, from Create & Cultivate's lineup of amazing female entrepreneurs to the incredible interviews soon to grace our own website (stay tuned!), it's been a non-stop ride of women supporting women and we are here for it

MDNA Skin is keeping the ball rolling, gathering last Tuesday at the LA YouTube Space, for an open conversation between Kim Kardashian West and Madonna, moderated by cotton-candy-haired beauty guru Kandee Johnson. Breaking the Internet over moisturizers and skincare tips, the trio sat down to discuss all things beauty, including the launch of MDNA Skin's Reinvention Creaman all-in-one product infused with stem cell extracts, that is made to moisturize and reduce dryness and rough texture (let's just call it reinvention in a jar).

MDNA SKIN hosts Madonna and Kim Kardashian West for a beauty conversation at YouTube Space LA (2).jpg

Pur Opulence got the inside scoop, and some beauty tips from Kim Kardashian West and Madonna themselves - keep reading to find out!

Who doesn't love some good beauty advice? "I love giving advice," says Kim, "People always come to me. I love analyzing someone's face and going with them to a doctor and being like, 'Wait, a little botox here and little here.' People write me, people that I've never even met before, and they'll text me and they'll be like, 'Hey this is so and so. I'm going to send you pictures and tell me what you think I should do.' ”

Kim also claims to be a side sleeper, which, though we all wish we could be, just simply isn't feasible for us trained face sleepers. Luckily, Madonna gave us some tips to combat puffy eyes. "I made these eye masks that are filled with serum and I put them in the freezer and then I lay there. I also use cryo-sticks. I sip lemon water, and I cannot speak to anybody until my eyes are not the size of planets."

We all know that Kim Kardashian West and her mother Kris Jenner are two peas in a pod, but Kim actually claims to have learned her best beauty tip from her mom's days working for American Airlines.

 “My mom was a stewardess and all the girls would save their money for a beauty ‘tips and tricks’ class. She learned the trick of exfoliating with a hot wash cloth and I wash my face with a wash cloth every night.”

As Kris would say, "You're doing amazing sweetie!"

Stay tuned for the link to the full conversation, which Madonna will be sharing on her Instagram