Laura's Favorites: July 2017


Remember that time it was August? Me neither. This is my last month of maternity leave, ever, and I’m definitely feeling a bit stressed; however, onto happy thoughts: July Favorites!

Niod Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist 2Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex 2 

$50 CAD - $35 CAD

I’m putting these two together because this has been a dynamite combination for me in my morning routine and I’ve noticed a significant difference in the moisture levels in my skin. Both of these are updates to their original formulas and both of them have definitely outdone themselves with their new ingredients. SDSM2 features a more potent form of superoxide dismutase and a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral making this a powerful antioxidant mist that’s perfect for mornings. MMHC2 includes 15 forms of hyaluronic compounds, one of them being 1% direct hyaluronic acid which is rare in skincare. As much as I would like to be able to explain the scientific benefits of both of these to the skin, I could never do it justice so I suggest reading the product descriptions on the NIOD website for each product. My skin is perpetually dehydrated and I’ve noticed with the mist and different molecular weights of HA in the serum my skin has been able to hold onto much more moisture throughout the day. This in turn has improved the wear of my makeup and the overall smoothness and freshness of my skin. My pores look smaller, my redness has slightly subsided, and I’m a happy girl.

Gee Beauty Power Primer in Light

$56 CAD

I really dislike the feeling of product on my skin, especially foundations. I used to be a fan of tinted moisturizers but this summer even they have felt a little too heavy on my skin. Enter the tinted primer. I’ve always been a fan of the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base but I find it solely a brightening primer with little to no coverage. This Gee Beauty Power Primer is the perfect mix of dewy and matte while leaving a nice natural look to the skin. The coverage is sheer to light and it’s hydrating without being heavy. I set it with powder and it wears really well throughout the day. I’m so glad my friend Amber introduced me to this!

Jane Iredale PurePressed Base in Warm Sienna

$52.50CAD plus an initial $17.50 for the compact

 I’m a big fan of light powder foundations to slightly even my skin tone and keep shine at bay, but they can be difficult to find with my skin type. If they are too drying, they can look cakey and heavy and cause my skin to overproduce oil which defeats the purpose. Most powders are also formulated with a matte finish and I find this makes me look old, so I prefer ones that leave a healthy finish with a formula that doesn’t rely on glitter to do this. This Jane Iredale PurePressed Base is wonderful. Sheer coverage that looks natural on the skin, feels weightless, and lasts all day. It also has SPF 20 and although I wouldn’t count on this as my sole SPF, it’s nice to have. My skin just looks better with this on - a little smoother and more even toned, yet still like skin. I would highly recommend getting colour matched. I did the online shade finder and was matched to Radiant, which was too light for my summer skin. Warm Sienna was a perfect match for me even though I usually shy away from warmer tones and I may be able to use this year round but will see once I lose my (faux) summer glow.

Cocoa Brown Tan 1 Hour Tan Mousse in Medium


 When I was invited to the Canadian launch of the Cocoa Brown Tan range a month ago I wasn’t in the market for another self tanner. After trying what seemed like hundreds over the last decade I had finally found my forever love in the Josie Maran Argan Tan OIl and had been in a committed relationship with it for a good three years. This mousse differs from regular self tanners in that you apply it and then can shower it off after only 1-3 hours yet the colour continues to develop. I was intrigued. Tanning is usually a planned day in my house because I like to wear dark clothing as the colour develops but this takes away that worry. Once the colour is showered off there’s no worry of stained clothes, towels, or sheets, and there’s also no more fake tanner smell for 8 hours of the day. Sounds silly, but I almost felt like I was cheating on my Josie Maran one when I tried this out, and I felt even worse when after about 8-10 hours, I had a beautiful golden brown tan that I loved. The mousse is really easy to spread and it dries down quickly with a soft floral scent. Its tinted so you can see where you’ve applied it and with the mitt you ensure that orange hands are never a worry. I’ve been using this twice a week, about 5 days apart and have been so happy with it that I wish I had discovered it earlier in the summer. I apply, wait about 3 hours (with the Medium shade I find waiting the 3 hours is perfect, I did rinse it off after 1 hour on my first go and the colour was still beautiful but I like it just a touch darker), rinse off and moisturize well. I go on with my day, usually forgetting I’ve tanned in the morning and at the end of the day my skin is a true golden brown colour that doesn’t read orange at all. It lasts a good 4-5 days and fades naturally, not patchy. All in all I’m glad I tried something new with this because it’s quickly become a love of mine!

I’m really happy with my skin and makeup routines at the moment and a lot of these July favourites are contributing to that. Nevertheless I’m testing what feels like a lot of new things so I’m keeping close tabs on how my skin is reacting to each and trying not to overload it with too many new products at once. Up next week is The Skincare Wardrobe starting with the basics - what I think everyone should own in their skincare cabinet no matter what age or skin type!

Until then, I wish you all a happy first week of August!