Lauren's Summer Essentials


Ah, summer. The time of year where our makeup and skincare routines beg for simplification amidst the incessant highs and… highers. If you are feeling at a loss with this heat like I was, these essentials I’ve compiled might just get you through the remainder of these hot, summer days.

Face Mist

One for home, one for your purse, clutch, backpack or whatever you fancy for on-the-go freshness. My personal favorites for this time of year are the Mario Badescu spray because not only is it super tiny (Hey TSA!), its ingredients are both soothing and refreshing. If you aren’t about that scented, botanical mist life do not fret! A good o’l run of the mill travel sized thermal water (like Evian’s Mineral Spray) will suffice just as well - in fact, it’s what I often prefer.


Skin Tint/Tinted Moisturizer

Foundation? In this heat? Lol. How about something light and nearly undetectable upon the skin, pls. Summer is the perfect time to find that one skin tint, BB/CC cream, or tinted moisturizer of your dreams. Unfortunately, it’s also kind of hard to find it. The one that’s done it all for me and then some has been none other than the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint (I go for the shade medium). It’s super lightweight, dewy in all the right ways, and just makes your skin look better whilst still touting that “I’m not wearing anything on my skin” vibe.


Need I say more? Mostly all of us who are even a little bit into beauty are aware of the damaging effects of the sun (cancer, premature aging etc.) That’s not to say sunshine isn’t an option, it’s making sure you are protecting your skin while you are beneath it that matters. Whether you’re out for a short walk with your pup, out for a run on an overcast day, or maybe soaking up some rays at a beach resort (jealous!), it’s still important to wear SPF every single day. We are constantly being exposed to UVA/UVB rays, even when we think we aren’t. I go as far as applying SPF even when I know I’ll be staying indoors, because even then there’s exposure to be had. My all-time favorite SPF of the moment is pretty much a cult favorite at this point: Elta MD’s UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46. Not only does it protect your skin from the sun, it also has skin loving ingredients like niacinamide and zinc, making it super friendly for those of us with acne-prone, sensitive skin types including rosacea. Another one of my current favorites is the Glossier Invisible Shield because, well, it’s exactly that - completely invisible. It has a bit of that classic sunscreen scent that reminds me of childhood in a bittersweet way, but it’s lightly masked with a non-irritating hint of orange peel oil that gives it a lovely (and might I add fresh) citrus scent! Although my go-to is still the Elta MD, I’ll opt for Invisible Shield on days where I want my makeup to look A1 because it doubles as an amazing primer.


Cooling Water

Water in the summer time is essential. Not only do we enjoy being in it and drinking it ravenously, we love how much it aids in cooling us down when we’ve just about had enough of all the heat. In comes Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water - a cooling balm in deodorant like form that does exactly as it claims. I love using this when I’m out and about with little to no relief in site. It’s like a beacon of hope, except it’s pretty effective. I’ll slather the stuff on my neck, chest, shoulders, arms, or wherever I fancy really. I especially love putting it underneath my eyes because not only is it super cooling - it has caffeine which aids in de-puffing as well!


Blotting Paper

Remember blotting papers? You know, those tiny sheets we used to go through like hot cakes and share with our friends on our hormonally greasy faces in high school? They’re totally still a thing, and they’re still extremely useful - particularly in the summertime! Those classic Neutrogena ones were great, but they’ve sadly been discontinued. Lucky for us, there are so many to choose from nowadays it’s both fun and a little nostalgic to give other blotting papers a shot. I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but the two I have on rotation at the moment are Tatcha’s super luxe Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers and the NYX Green Tea Blotting Papers. I use the NYX ones on the reg since they are affordable, effective, and infused with the goodness of green tea (they also come in tea tree, matte, and blemish controlling form!) As for the skincare-for-a-Geisha boasting brand that is Tatcha, I’ll use those when I’m feeling a little extra, because who wouldn’t want to swipe tiny flecks of gold infused paper across their face?



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