Mai’s Lip Favorites

Hey everyone! Mai here from THEGLOSSARRAY. I’ve accumulated a ton of lip products, because I have a small (actually, very large) obsession with lip products of all kinds. We all have our vices, right?

Let’s talk about my current favorites!


$20 USD

I just recently received this in a PR package, and was immediately on board because I have a lip / body salve obsession lol. The description of this caught my attention, with it being described as, “a topical salve enriched with Marine Algae, oils and butters”. It claims to “replenish moisture, reduce inflammation and protect against free radicals and pollution” (thanks to the Marine Algae included). I thought this sounded extremely interesting, and decided to use it as a lip mask the first night I received it. It worked wonders! I woke up the next morning with extremely plump, hydrated lips. Its a thinner formulation than, say, Glossier’s Balm Dotcom, but just as (if not more) hydrating! I’m completely obsessed with this and the sheer gloss that it gives my lips. Sidenote: Make Beauty mentions that you can also use this on your eyebrows to tame them!

Glossier Balm Dotcom.png

$12 USD

I mentioned this product in my last post, but I have to mention it again since we’re talking about lip products here. BDC is cute, it’s convenient, it works, and it smells great. What more could you ask for? My personal favorites are Coconut and Birthday Cake! The price point on this is great, and with all of the coupon codes constantly floating around, I think it’s definitely worth it to give this a shot! They also look super cute in shelfies ;)


$34 USD

I first purchased this lip product around a year ago after hearing tons of rave reviews and lusting over the gorgeous packaging. Dior markets this as a sheer balm that enhances your natural lip color while also moisturizing + hydrating. I accidentally picked out 004 Coral Glow when I ran into Sephora to grab this, and at first I was disappointed because I wanted the raspberry shade. However, my disappointment soon faded when I decided to try my shade out anyway. I love this! The hint of Coral is the perfect wash of color, and this leaves my lips so hydrated and glossy. It’s hard to describe the formula of this, but it’s just right. I’m trying to use this sparingly because of the price point, but I know I’ll end up repurchasing anyway lol.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick.png

$37 USD

Pricy, but so beautiful. This lipstick formula is so hydrating and comfortable on the lips! I like wearing this either as a sheer balm, or going heavier with application and making it more full coverage. Either way, it’s so beautiful. It lasts awhile on my lips, and smells great! There’s a great color range as well - definitely someone for everyone. And the packaging ….. c’mon.

Frank Body Lip Scrub (1).png

$14.95 USD

This brand is newer to me, but I’m already so in love. This lip scrub is incredible! I’m not usually one for lip scrubs, because they don’t ever really work for me, but this one has changed the way that I care for my lips. It smells like COFFEE. Coffee. It leaves my lips smooth and prepped for hydrating balm / product. I’ve been loving this brand lately! I highly recommend. You also get a really great amount of product for the price, as well!