Brand Overview: Meant

Here at the Pur Opulence HQ, we love learning about up and coming brands. We also love toying with the idea of minimalism when it comes to our beauty routines. As beauty lovers, we salivate at new product launches and bathe in the excess samples we will never have enough skin to try all of. It's always refreshing when a new brand comes across my desk with a brand identity and ethos steeped in the concept of less. Multi-tasking powerhouses and and fresh marketing that doesn't want to empty my wallet with 20 very similar products, but rather stands strongly on the backbone of the belief that brand loyalty and customer retention doesn't need to stem from incessant product releases and upsells. 

In walks Meant - a New York City-based brand that breathes minimalism in living color. With only 5 products that multi-task and aim to overhaul your shower routine, Meant is making waves in the beauty industry. 

Meant Wash.png


$31 USD

Meant's Do-All Wash is a gentle shampoo for all hair types that leave the hair feeling clean, but never stripped. It also acts as a fresh, hydrating body wash that's rich in antioxidants and features a sparkling grapefruit and bergamot scent. If that's not enough, the Do-All Wash is also a softening facial cleanser. I unfortunately finished the bottle lathering myself from head to toe in the shower before I remembered to try it on my face. Gives me an excuse to buy another bottle. 

Meant Conditioner.png


$33 usd

The brand's Do-All Conditioner is far from your everyday conditioner. It doubles as a rich shaving cream that smells of Earl Grey tea and moisturizes with the help of Aloe Juice and Babassu Oil. I found myself nervous to waste it's moisturizing luxuriousness on my legs, but when I'm in the mood to up my shaving game, this never fails to make the job easy and soothe my post-shave irritation. 

Meant Balm.png


$45 usd

I'm always on the hunt for a good balm, one that can cure my constantly chapped lips, dry elbows, knees, heels, and sensitive bits. The Absolute Balm isn't kidding when it calls itself absolute. Made with a base of Shea Butter and Beeswax, along with a blend of oils that pack a moisturizing punch, like Monoi, Grapeseed, and Argan Oil, the Absolute Balm has been my go-to as the weather chills out here in Montreal.

Meant Polish.png


$43 USD

I seem to be the last person to jump on the coffee scrub bandwagon, and with good reason - coffee scrubs always seem to come in a bag of sorts, look like loose coffee grounds, and get all over your shower, bathtub, towels, and god knows where else. The Wonder Polish comes clean packaged in a squeeze tube, and has a moisturizing formula packed with Avocado, Argan, and Monoi oils, that allow the ground coffee and sugar granules stay where they need to be (on your skin).  After you've given your skin the scrub down of a lifetime, you can skip body butter.

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