Mer’s Five Fall Faves

Fall is happily here bringing us crisp cool air, hot chocolate, and apple picking… what’s not to love?? Well… the dry skin that comes with the cool air can be a real bummer for most of us. As you transition your summer wardrobe from Summer to Fall, do you also need to transition your skincare? Below I will share my top 5 favorite products and tips to keep your beauty regimen balanced so you are able to enjoy the wonderful Fall season.

Skinceuticals hydrating b5 gel moisture serum skincare

SkinCeuticals Hydrating  B5 Gel

$82 USD

This is the only hydrating serum you’ll need this Fall/Winter season. This hyaluronic acid serum is meant for all skin types and will help anyone dealing with dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, or loss of firmness. This serum works by hydrating your skin’s dermis layer which helps give you  juicy and plump skin. You can expect great results from this product- especially paired with your daily vitamin C Serum or moisturizer. A little goes a long way with the dropper tool and your skin will benefit greatly by incorporating this into your winter routine.

weleda skin food moisturizer skincare oil serum

Weleda Skin Food

$11.84 USD

This is a super thick moisturizer that is almost guaranteed to heal anyone struggling with dry skin. A little really goes a long way- so this tube will last awhile. This thick cream even works for acne-prone skin as well as dry and flakey skin. Just squeeze a pea size amount on the tips of your fingers until the consistency is more ‘oil like’ and massage into the high points of your skin. This can be used to create the perfect dewy look under makeup, or it can be used at night in place of your usual moisturizer. 

fenty beauty stunna lip paint uncuffed liquid lipstick

Fenty Stunna Lip Paint

$24 USD

If you’re searching for the perfect long wear matte lipstick that doesn’t crack or smudge, this is your product! My current favorite shade is Uncuffed and I am addicted! It is the perfect fall color on my pale skin, but it is created to look wonderful on every skin tone. I put this on before I leave my house in the morning and only have to touch up a tad throughout the day. This lipstick is affordable and comes in 5 stunna shades- you are bound to find your perfect match!

pat mcgrath mthrshp sublime bronze ambition eyeshadow palette

Pat Mcgrath Labs MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Ambition Eyeshadow Palette

$55 USD

As many of you know, Pat McGrath is one of the top makeup artists in the industry- and her products live up to this statement. This eyeshadow palette is my top pick to keep my spirits up when the weather gets colder and colder. The colors are amazing for any eye color or skin tone and the pigmentation is buttery and glorious. The amount of looks one can create with these 6 colors is outrageous- and her Instagram is full of bold and sparkly inspirations! With this palette, you will surely be a showstopper at the next holiday party.

maison margiela replica jazz club perfume

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

$126 USD

This is my go to Fall scent this year. With a rich warm and spicy scent, this perfume will make you crave a cozy cabin in the woods. This scent is for those of us who have had enough of the light and girly florals and are ready to move on to something a bit more powerful and entrancing. Just one sniff of this scent and my mind wanders off to a vacation in the mountains and my busy city life is put on hold for a brief minute. This perfume line is known for some of the top perfumes in the business, and I can see (or smell) why! 5 stars in my book.