Review: MAKE Beauty Moon Stick

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I love makeup sticks, so I was excited to out this out. First of all, I really like the packaging of the Moon Stick, it’s super simple and very cute. When I received this in the mail, I originally thought that the color (the shade Moon Dust) may be a little too dark on my skin to use (I’m super pale, lol). But when I swatched it for the first time, it was actually pretty sheer, so I was able to make it work! Technically, you can use the moon sticks to bronze, strobe, and highlight, but I mostly just used mine as a highlighter on top of my cheekbones. I really loved how easy it was to use. The thing that I found that works best with these, is to warm the product up on your finger and then just dab it on your skin to highlight. It gives you a really nice looking, natural sun-kissed glow, with a little shimmer. It’s also a creamy, hydrating formula which makes it easy to blend, and doesn’t dry out on your face throughout wear, which I can appreciate, because my skin is insanely dry lol! The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that, since there is a little shimmer in it, sometimes the glitter gets on other parts of your face throughout the day, which isn’t a huge deal, but still slightly annoying. Overall, I will definitely continue using this when I do makeup, I love the simplicity of it, and it just looks great on the skin!