Nida’s Current Favorites

Some tried and true faves that I can’t stop reaching for at the moment because they’re just that good.


$29 USD

My go to for a soft pink lip that has some warmth to it (so you’re not looking like a 2000s frosty baby pink lip) is Baby from Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Lip Color collection. My favorite way to wear this is to blot it onto the lips (instead of swiping) for a hazy, lived in look that gives your lips some color, but still looks natural.


 $25 USD

I firmly believe that regardless of where you live, whether it’s cloudy or sunny, you should be wearing SPF every single day. But, living in Texas means that you especially need it considering it’s sunny more often than not. The Glossier Invisible Shield has been my go to option since it’s a gel consistency that feels very lightweight while having an SPF35, and doesn’t leave any kind of white cast at all.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask.png

$22 usd

I like to keep my skin nice and hydrated regardless of the temperature outside. You know my fave hydrating face mask of all time is Complex Beauty’s Thirst Quencher, but I’ve been trying to switch it up and Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask is a current favorite. It has a gel cream consistency that feels soothing and cooling on the skin all while hydrating without clogging up pores or feeling heavy on the skin.

Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil.png

$32 USD

It’s no secret that I neglect my hair and moisturizing my body. Luckily, this Rose Hair and Body Oil from Ouai makes moisturizing easy. It’s great for lazy girls like me because it’s for both hair and body. Bonus: it smells divine so moisturizing goes from being a chore to a treat. Now that the sun is out, more skin will likely be showing so keeping it soft, moisturized, and glistening is key and Ouai helps.

Sunday Riley Saturn Mask.png

$55 USD

Pimples happen. Sadly for me I was never blessed with flawless, blemish free skin so occasional breakouts and random pimples pop up from time to time. Instead of treating my whole face, I like to spot treat with the Sunday Riley Saturn Mask. It has 10% sulfur and 4% niacinamide-- two awesome ingredients for blemish prone skin. The sulfur makes this mask drying so I like to dab a little onto my spots and use it as an overnight spot treatment mask. It reduces blemishes overnight-- not completely, but significantly-- and really helps speed up the healing process.

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