Nyakio Beauty Overview

Nyakio Beauty is a clean and green skincare line with its roots in global beauty secrets. Each product highlights one or a few natural ingredients from different cultural traditions and are sourced sustainably. Great ingredients, great ethics, it’s hard not to be intrigued! Needless to say, I was extremely excited to get to test out some products from their core collection!

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Maracuja & Yangu Soothing Oil

$42 USD

This may be my favorite of the bunch! With maracuja oil from Rwanda and yangu oil from South Africa, this oil feels both calming and nourishing. It’s hydrating in a lightweight way and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, plus the green color helps to color correct redness, which makes it perfect for wearing under makeup. I’ve also really liked layering it under my night cream to wake up with refreshed and calm skin.

Quinoa De-Puffing & Firming Eye Cream

$39 USD

I’m not one to put much faith in eye cream, but I’ve actually quite enjoyed using this one. The ceramic tip applicator and squeezy tube combination is super easy to use and the cream feels cooling on the eyes. I can’t say if it firms, because I don’t have anything to firm up, but it does de-puff pretty darn well!

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Chamomile Soothing Sleep Mask

$35 USD

I am mildly obsessed with the packaging of this product too, the twist cap with product that squeezes out is so easy to use and I like not having to dig my fingers in a jar. Anyway! With chamomile sourced from Egypt, this creamy mask definitely leaves your skin hydrated and soothed and even a bit plump. This pairs super well with the Soothing Oil and I imagine it’s going to be a dream in the summer when I inevitably get too much sun at some point.

Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub

$35 USD

I love body scrubs. This one has a combo of coffee, shea butter, and baobab oil, which left my skin both soft and somehow brighter. It smells ridiculously good and is great for using before shaving or if you’re feeling like your body could use a bit of a refresh.

Overall I am beyond impressed with this brand. I’ve been super into global beauty secrets for a long time and these really indulged that curiosity and combined some superb ingredients with packaging that I personally found both innovative and refreshingly practical. So happy to have these as part of my routine!