Lessons in Moisture: The Oil Sandwich

Raise your hand if your skin doesn’t always play fair, and sometimes ruins your day/makeup/life. Me too! I REALLY got into skincare because about age 24… my skin started to feel tight, and it started absorbing my makeup… causing separation on my face. So rude.

I’ve since figured out a foolproof trick to sort my dehydration or dryness and I wanted to share – the moisture sandwich.


First things first: hydration. Dehydrated skin wants water. To address dehydration, I like to use a serum with humectants (ingredients that attract water into the top layers of skin) like glycerin, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. My favourite is Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum, $24.99, and when I run out of this I’m going to try Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster, $68. Hydrated skin means that fine lines are plumped out, the feeling of tightness is gone, and the skin’s integrity is boosted (along with its bacteria fighting abilities, for the acne prone among us, hi!). Any skin type can benefit from a hydrating serum. I wait a couple minutes for it to sink in.


Moving on to oils: we know that oil and water don’t mix, so for your skin, this means that sealing in hydration with an oil can prevent the water from evaporating out into the air surrounding us. Magic! So you want to apply 2-5 drops of oil after you’ve applied your hyaluronic serum. My favourite is Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix Oil, $72, but they make a couple other oils you might find a better vibe with depending on your skin type. They’re also very pretty, but not as pretty as you! I’m also super into the new Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil, $44, and will be picking it up first chance I get. If you feel greasy afterward then you’ve applied too much, so take it slow. I don’t really worry about giving it time to sink in for this step, because I’m adding a cream and I like to think they’re going to be friends.



Finally, your cream phase. If you’re feeling parched still, try a heavier cream like Zelens 3t Complex Cream, $134 or Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream SPF15, $82. If you’re in need of something lightweight that sits well, might I introduce you to my one true love and summer staple, Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Cream, $65. It’s amazing.

You could also just add the oil into the moisturiser, which I often do if I’m in a hurry. I guarantee, the hydrate-oil-cream sandwich will keep your skin hydrated all day - come rain, hail, shine, or arid office air conditioning. Your skin’s water is now sealed in, and no weather conditions are going to take that away from you.

As always these products are not tested on animals, prices are in $US, and feel free to check out my instagram at @ms_hannah_e