The Importance of Patience in Skincare

Let me start this post by stating that I’m an Aries, and patience is definitely something I do not have on a daily basis. If the car in front of me at the stoplight does not move 2 seconds after that light turns green I am on the verge of honking my horn. If a coworker is late I become incredibly irritated. Needless to say I’m impatient! So what happens when you have late onset acne, and have no patience? Well that’s a recipe for disaster that leads to you trying countless products, giving up on some of them, and becoming incredibly discouraged. And it doesn’t have to be just acne either, it could be fine lines, dark spots, any skin woe really. In my skincare journey that’s going on almost two years, I've finally had a realization: patience is the ultimate skincare virtue.


I can’t tell you how many products I’ve tried in the past two years. Some I’ve fallen absolutely in love with. A handful I’ve felt like I’ve had to love after reading articles, and seeing other people love them on Instagram. But for the majority I feel like I haven’t given the time they deserve or effort into trying. In a industry such as the beauty industry where new, and innovative products are constantly coming out, products where the claims almost seem to good to be true, it’s important to give that product the time it needs in order to get the best results. I must stress how important it is to try one new product at a time. Not only will you truly see how the product is performing results wise, you will also get a much better return on investment. There have been so many serums, masks, and moisturizers that I have shelved towards the back simply because they didn’t give me the instant results that I wanted, nor did I have the patience to wait and see what the results would be. I’ve gone back to square one so many times in my routine cutting out cleansers, toners, serums, and acids simply because I’ve jumped into everything all at once. And it’s wreaked havoc on my wallet, and my skin, but on my self esteem as well.


Finding those products that work best for you takes a ton of patience. In my now two years since starting a skincare regimen I am just now finding the products that work well for my skin, that I truly love, and find myself repurchasing. It is an investment of time, and monetarily. But your skin is worth the investment! My routine as of late is pretty scaled down: cleanser, some thermal water, a hydrating serum, and… thats it! My go to cleanser is Jordan Samuel Plie . It’s the cleanser I recommend the most to friends. It’s so multifunctional! I also really enjoy Kat Rudu’s Coco Honey Papaya Enzyme Cleanser. It’s perfect for the summer months when my skin tends to be the oiliest it gets. It smells incredible, and doesn’t leave my skin stripped. My current spritz is Avene’s Eau Thermale. Magical water is all I can say! While my skin is still damp I layer on my hydrating serum. My favorite serum is Hydrate by Jordan Samuel. I don’t think I will ever be without it, it’s that good! Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen is my go to sunscreen. It is a mix of physical, and chemical screens. It leaves my skin feeling velvety soft.


My skin has been pretty dang good lately (excuse me while I go knock on all the wood furniture.) Often times I think we acne prone folks are doing too much to our skin. And it probably goes back to impatience. We see a blemish pop up, and it becomes a fight response so we throw acids, and other acne fighting treatments at it to fend off that evil spot. Acids, and targeted treatments do have their place, but nourishing the skin, and seeing the results takes time… and it is well worth the wait!

I hope anyone who reads this whether it be an impatient Aries such as myself, or whether you’re battling acne, or fine lines to have patience. Your skin will thank you!

Kiara BlanchetteComment