Rachel's Diptyque Picks


Diptyque is known as one of the most popular niche perfumeries in the world. Within the beauty community their logo is iconic, with its dancing letters and oval shape. They are best known for their candles, which are some of the finest on the market. Each is hand poured in France and made with a high-quality paraffin and vegetable wax blend. In addition, they area producer of fragrances, body care products, candle accessories and textiles. Like most niche fragrance houses, diptyque is based around the recreation of scents from past experiences or events and offers back stories or inspiration for each one.


The Feu de Bois Candle ($35-315) was the first item by diptyque that I ever owned. My significant other, who was familiar with the brand, was the person who initially introduced me when we met. Soon after he took me to choose my first candle and the obsession began. Feu de Bois, or Wood Fire, is a very warm woods based aroma. Along with Baies, this candle is one of the quintessential diptyque scents. There is a smokiness as if you are actually right next to a crackling fire, and it contains notes of rare wood accord. This candle is incredibly cozy and feels like winter, though I still burn it all year round. It will forever be one of my favorite products within their line. Now if only I could get my hands on the room spray too.

When I first saw the price tag for the classic 34 Soap ($35) I thought it was ridiculous, but then I smelled it. It is by far one of the most potent perfumed bars of soap that I’ve ever come into contact with. Each bar is made from natural high-quality vegetable ingredients, as well as almond seed oil and glycerin. While I don’t use this item personally, my significant other does regularly. When used during a shower it fills an entire room with the stimulating scent of 34. Just as importantly though the soap lathers extremely well, while rinsing off clean and without any soapy residue.  It was also designed to nourish and soften skin while leaving a beautiful scent that lingers throughout the day. The fragrance itself is based on what the original boutique on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain smelled like. With base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin and tonka bean. Turkish rose absolute and tuberose also make a strong presence as middle notes.



Currently my favorite candle by diptyque is Ambre ($35-65), or Amber. It is a dark, sensual and resinous fragrance that is beyond beautiful. I frequently find myself sniffing the candle unburned because the scent is quite honestly very intoxicating. Ambre contains notes of woods, vetiver and patchouli enhanced with radiant aniseed, insolent spices, mysterious incense, cistus and tonka bean.It’s a very rich and full-bodied scent, yet there is a smoothness that causes you to effortlessly unwind. This is a fall and winter favorite for me considering how enticing and cozy it is. An added bonus is you can place the empty candle box in your closet or drawer to lightly scent the area.

The Philosykos Perfume Oil Roll-On ($60) is a beautiful travel sized perfume that comes in its own gray velvet pouch. Travel sized products, especially when it comes to fragrance, are both affordable and convenient. Especially for someone who often forgets to apply fragrance before leaving the house. Philosykos, or friend of the fig tree, is a perfume emblematic of Greek fig trees during the fervor of summer and was designed to represent the trees during each aspect of development. In that regard it has a fresh, bursting fragrance with a delicate balance between green and fruity. It’s also an incredibly milky and sap infused scent that has notes of fig tree leaf, fig tree wood, fig sap and white cedar. As this perfume is alcohol-free it’s a great option for people with more sensitive skin.



A Diptyque product I use frequently is the Volutes Solid Perfume (A GWP item, same size for sale versions are $50).I find Volutes to be one of the most intriguing and beautiful scents within the Diptyque collection. It is a woody, oriental perfume that has a strong resonance with spice. The fragrance has a compelling blend of mugwort, pepper, mandarin, everlasting flower, hay, provençal honey, orris, tobacco, styrax and opopanax. This particular solid is not actually for sale but is the same size as the Solid Perfume from the collection, which lasted me for well over a year. To apply,I warm a small amount between my fingertips and gently rub on to my neck and wrists. For the initial 3-4 hours the scent is quite strong, and then it becomes fainter for the next 3-4 hours. Personally, I love solid perfume for the ease of slipping it into my purse and applying on the go. They absolutely need to add this as a permanent item within their collection.

While diptyque is certainly a luxury beauty brand, I consider each and every product to be absolutely worth the splurge. They are all made with the finest of ingredients and contain large amounts of fragrance, so the longevity is incredible.