Rachel Tries: May Reviews


diptyque Voile Protecteur

$72 USD

The diptyque Voile Protecteur ($72) is an SPF moisturizer within their skincare range. Being such a lover of diptyque products I was quite surprised to find myself unimpressed as it’s the first item I’ve truly not enjoyed from the line. At least for any reason other than simply not liking a scent of their candles. The moisturizer is made with floral extracts, vine root and orange blossom which provide a beautiful and interesting scent that is floral yet earthy, with a touch of sweetness to it. This is likely too scented for those who do not enjoy fragrance in skincare products. The Voile Protecteur has a thick yet slightly runny cream texture that is almost reminiscent of a serum.Unfortunately, it’s not nearly hydrating enough for my dry/combination skin needs so I have to customize the product to make it work for me. Usually, I will add3-4 drops of my current favorite oil in order to up the hydration level. Lately as the temperature is rising though,I have instead been using it as a second moisturizer to add extra hydration and SPF protection in my skincare routine. This is a great option for summer and will help me use up the product, but you really shouldn’t have to get creative with a $72 moisturizer. I received this item to test as a Beauty Editor for Pur Opulence, but I would not use my own money to repurchase as there are more affordable and effective options on the market.


The Every Body Bar by Meant

$23 USD

Up until recently I hadn’t ever really used bar soap before. As a teenager I tried a few times but always found they were drying, never really seemed to wash off and left a strange film on my skin. Since then I’ve only used body gel or washes during my shower routine. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect with The Every Body Bar by Meant ($23). This particular bar is a unisex soap for face, body and hands. It also comes in a beautiful reusable silver tin with the words “Simple Does It” embossed on the top. Upon first use I did not find it lathered well until I really worked the bar with water. After the second use it worked beautifully though, and I found it really helped using a washcloth to aid with the lathering process. Each bar is composed of an amalgamation of oils and triple milled goat’s milk.As well as a lovely blend of grapefruit and bergamot to give the bar an incredibly refreshing citrus scent. It’s safe to say I’ve now become a body bar fan and would definitely purchase one in the future.


The Monastery Aloe Hyaluronic Gel

$72 USD

As a beauty blogger I test many, many new products. The Monastery Aloe Hyaluronic Gel ($72) is by far one of the most interesting and effective products I’ve tried. It’s a gel moisturizer with a thin formula that is almost watery. It does feel slightly tacky as you are patting it onto skin, but then it absorbs beautifully and leaves an almost matte finish with no stickiness whatsoever. You can apply it to neck, face and even the delicate under eye. One of my favorite aspects of this product is the bright, fresh aloe scent. I don’t often see products with aloe and this moisturizer so beautifully highlights the ingredient. It also contains hyaluronic acid which amazingly can hold 1000x its own weight in water. This particular formula contains two distinct hyaluronic molecules which boost skin absorption. Each Monastery product also uses ingredients in their purest form and is created without alcohol, salt or fillers. I can definitely see this as a new holy grail item in my collection. 


Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask

$90 USD

Each jar of the Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask ($90) contains a lightweight overnight mask you use as a singular evening skincare routine. After cleansing skin, you apply a thin layer to face and neck while avoiding hair and the eye contour. You then leave on overnight and the following morning wash off and continue with your usual skincare routine. The formula itself has a pink balm like texture that glides smoothly over skin. Initially after application my face was a bit flushed and warm, but once it had fully absorbed that completely went away.The next morning my face wasn’t irritated at all and no new blemishes had formed. More importantly, my skin looked incredibly plump and felt hydrated to the touch. Some ingredients include prickly pear, green ginger and mugwort extract, which work to retain moisture, hydrate and soothe skin. Erno Laszlo recommends every skin type use this mask twice weekly to replenish moisture, boost collagen and brighten skin for a beautiful glow. I really enjoyed the results I saw and will continue to use this product up.