5 Beauty Products I Would Repurchase


One of the first Glossier products I ever purchased was Cloud Paint ($18). It’s a creamy, almost gel-like textured blush, that comes in a tube. What is especially nice about this product is the ability to build up the pigmentation to your desired level. Usually I go for a natural looking flush, so I dab a small amount onto my cheeks and blend out. As a cream formula, it’s very hydrating and doesn’t accentuate dry patches like a powder blush can. This is great for people like me who have dry skin. Like many others, I mix the various shades to create custom colors that fit my skin tone the best. Occasionally, I also enjoy creating monotone looks with this product by using a small amount on my lips and eyelids as well. I’ve had Cloud Paint in Beam for five months now and have barely made a dent, making the cost per use extremely low. For these reasons, I fully recommend and will certainly be repurchasing.


After hearing about Bite Beauty for so long, I decided to finally give the brand a try by way of the Agave Kisses Set. One of the minis included was the Agave Lip Mask ($26). Upon first usage, I was completely hooked. The formula is thick like honey but goes on smoothly and has a delicious vanilla flavor. It works on even the driest, most chapped of lips. Generally, I like to apply a thin layer at the end of my skincare routine. At night, it works to heal any dryness.During the day, it helps keep my lips moisturized under lipstick or gloss. Since the mini version lasted me well over a month,I can only imagine the full size will last me quite a while. When it does eventually run out again, I will definitely have to grab some more.

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Originally, I received a sample of the Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil ($40-80) during a bout of particularly bad hormonal acne along my jawline. Using this medicated oil twice a day helped to clear out my congested pores, and eventually, get rid of the acne. While most acne products I’ve tried have been effective, they’ve left me with very dry, flaky and irritated skin. However, that was not the case for this product. The Tea Tree and Black Cumin Seed oils work to keep your skin hydrated, while the 1.5% Salicylic Acid dries out your blemishes. During a breakout I will pat 3-4 drops onto the affected areas until it has cleared up. Normally, I will use it twice a week by adding 2-3 drops into my moisturizer to maintain clear skin.It’s so incredibly effective, I honestly don’t ever see myself going without this product in my routine. For me, that makes it worth every penny and truly deserving of a repeat purchase.


I find myself constantly reaching for the Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist ($15) because of how versatile it is. Whether I’m spraying it on a sponge to blend my foundation, using it to set my makeup, or even just as a mid-day refresh. Unlike many sprays I’ve used before, this product has a fine mist that evenly coats your face. It’s made with hyaluronic acid to plump skin, and black oat to help soothe any redness or irritation. While there are several other mists in my collection, this is the one I use the most frequently because of how pleasant and multifunctional it is. So far, a bottle has lasted me six months, but I will definitely be picking up another when I run out.


Another product I cannot get enough of is the COSRx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream ($26). It has the perfect lightweight texture for intense moisture without clogging your pores. The cream has a slightly thin consistency and is fragrance free. Some of its ingredients include honey extract and ceramides. The honey extract is known for being an anti-irritant that helps soothe both sensitive skin and eczema. At the same time, the ceramides work to protect your skin barrier, maintain moisture and plump skin. Moisturizers make up a large part of my skincare collection, yet this one is always in routine. I find it works with my morning and night skincare rituals. Right now, my jar is getting dangerously low and I am in desperate need of a backup.