Shayna's Empties Vol. I

After reading so much about the mineral properties in thermal water, I started spraying it on my face right after the shower because of how red my face is pre-makeup. If you didn’t know, you should never put your face directly under the showerhead because if it’s hot & steamy (yas!), that means it’s too hot for your money maker. I’ve always had very mild rosacea and tried to find Rx-free tricks to keep redness at bay, which is what led me to this solution. Yes, these sprays are convenient for beach days and all-around sweltering heat (summer in NYC, anyone?!) when your insides feel like over-cooked rigatoni. But they’ve also helped me tremendously with swelling, redness, and dehydration, so that I’m immediately able to put makeup on without looking like I finished a CrossFit class. 


Dermalogica lacks the cool girl persona and trendy packaging that us millennials have grown to expect and regram. Which is, I think, why they’re so underrated these days. Nevertheless, this is a brand that’ll be a life-long buddy of mine. Why? Because their products are straightforward and actually work, and that’s more than any Tinder date has yet to offer me. In all seriousness, if your face is falling off during seasonal transitions or unforgiving winters, this is by far the best cream I’ve found to combat sadness. It remedies peeling, redness and sensitivity, all while nourishing your visage with antioxidants and the like.  


I’m forever on a quest to find cleansers that are hydrating and don’t sting my eyes. As easy as that sounds, it isn’t. This little-known brand out of Wyoming is brimming with products I love (see: Dew PH Perfector), this cleanser being one of them. I double-cleanse at night, using this as the second step, and it helps break up whatever balm or oil I used first while also removing leftover makeup. It’s packed with all sorts of fruit extracts, including licorice (ingredient crush!) and has a creamy texture that doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped. 


Facial scrubs? Nope. Body Scrubs? Yup. One of my favorite things to do is configure a complete spa situation in my closet of a bathroom. I’ve reimagined this traditional pastime to a few minutes where I literally and figuratively rid myself of bad juju. If you’ve read this far, you already know I have sensitive skin which is why I’m not into physical exfoliants for my face. However, living in NYC and trudging through all sorts of atmospheric conditions and ungodly levels of bacteria and pollution...a gals gotta peel some layers back. Thankfully, this scrub his ultra-fine beads that won’t scratch your limbs and genuinely smells like delicious cherry blossoms. 


IMO, just about all mists can be multi-purpose, including this one. I’m a huge fan of anything that includes algae (see: Algenist everything) so even if this didn’t live up to its claims, I’d probably still be into it. Here’s the tea: I love how it feels and there’s no way around how refreshing this spritz is. But a serious complaint that I’ve now confirmed via their reviews is that the top part that’s connected to the bottle breaks more often than not, making it really hard to take the cap on and off. I’m always in a rush, so ripping the cap off and narrowly taking the spritzer off with it, just wasn’t working out for me.