Ingredient Spotlight: Vitamin C

Do you take your vitamins each morning? Growing up, I could always hear my mom reminding me to “get my vitamin c”--from a glass of orange juice or daily gummy vitamins. Today, her reminders are still with me as I take my daily vitamins and eat my orange slices. But more recently, I’ve begun incorporating that same vitamin into my skincare routine. It’s an all around staple for nourishing and enriching the skin.

Vitamin C is vital to giving the skin that bright, glowy look (and let’s face it, who doesn't want that?). The “glow” associated to Vitamin C is all thanks to its antioxidant properties, which help to repair and revitalize damaged skin cells. These properties also help to smooth out the skin and even out skin tone (it’s known for reversing the look of sun spots or hyperpigmentation from from UV rays and fading acne scars), making it a must have in any skincare routine. It also helps block out daily pollutants, firm skin and maintain hydration, smooth out fine lines, and boost skin’s collagen to give it that plump, bouncy goodness. The best part? It’s beneficial for all skin types, and most skin types can handle higher concentrations of it. It’s your all-in-one plumping, brightening, anti-aging warrior.

In terms of skincare, Vitamin C comes in all different forms--creams, toners, serums, eye treatments, etc. The tricky thing about Vitamin C is how sensitive it is. When looking for a good Vitamin C cream or serum, make sure it comes in an opaque container, preferably one that pumps and restricts air exposure. Clear, airy containers can cause pure/high concentrations of Vitamin C to break down and become unstable, thus making it less powerful and effective.

It can be difficult to keep track of the best products, formulations, and brands containing Vitamin C (or any ingredient, for that matter!), so I’ve decided to spotlight a few of my favorite Vitamin C products:


Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

$80/1fl oz

C-Firma has won cult status by beauty magazines and bloggers alike. It’s combination of 15% concentration of L Ascorbic and Ferulic Acids allow it to both brighten and smooth while the addition of pumpkin ferment enzyme helps to clear away dead skin cells. The nutrient enriched formula makes it a powerhouse in terms of protecting skin from pollutants and stressors and treating the skin to reveal a more radiant complexion. While I do like C-Firma, it’s pretty pricey, and I feel it leaves a bit of a residue, for it doesn’t always agree with my oily skin--causing it to be less effective than it could be.


Brooklyn Botany Vitamin C Serum

$32.99/1 fl oz

This is my favorite of all the Vitamin C products I’ve used. From the texture to the scent to the results, I couldn’t love this stuff more. It’s made up primarily of L Ascorbic Acid, the most beneficial, powerhouse form of Vitamin C--making it all the more plumping and brightening. It sinks into the skin without leaving any sticky residue or odd smell. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and looking brighter. It also does a great job of evening out skin tone (plus, it’s easier on your wallet than most other Vitamin C serums)!

*Note: I was PR gifted this product, but the review/opinion are 100% my own.


Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

$48/1fl oz

This is my personal runner up to the Brooklyn Botany Vitamin C Serum. It sinks really easily into the skin and does the best job of leaving my skin feel plump and renewed. It contains Ole Henriksen’s True-C Complex (a combination of stabilized forms of Vitamin C) to enhance its benefits, from smoothing lines to refreshing the skin with a boost of antioxidants. It smells sort of like a creamsicle, which I tend to enjoy on most days.



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