Beauty Products to Ease the Transition From Summer

Crawl into Fall: Beauty Products to Ease the Transition From Summer

Well, it's that time of year again - fall is here and summer is becoming nothing more than a fleeting memory. For many of us this means back to school, bundling up, and all things pumpkin spice. For me, it means goodbye to tanned skin, glossy lips, and beachy hair. Don't get me wrong - I can get down with cozy sweaters, crunchy leaves, and a vampy lip too - but I'm not ready to give up on my summer glow entirely (not yet at least). So, I've curated a list of my favorite products to facilitate a gradual transition into the fall season for those of us not quite ready to dive right in.

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Yes, summer is ending, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your glow! I fight off fall flakiness with a great moisturizer. Moisturizer is a crucial step in my beauty routine, it prevents dullness and allows my makeup to glide on effortlessly. It is, by far, my number one must-have in a seasonal transition. My current go-to for daytime wear is the Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer with Echinacea GreenEnvy ($58 CAD / $45 USD). This water cream - apart from being beautifully packaged - contains quality ingredients and absorbs quickly. It leaves my skin feel moisturized all day, smells heavenly (without being heavily perfumed), and gives a slightly dewy finish that remains even after putting makeup on top.



I hate wearing foundation. Summer is my best friend when it comes to skin because I can just slap on a tinted moisturizer and look positively radiant. In fact, tinted moisturizer remains a staple in my facial wardrobe throughout the year, but some days - when the tan starts fading - my skin needs a little help hiding the imperfections that the summer sun otherwise did. I've tried severalfoundations with varying success, until I stumbled upon the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation ($51 CAD / $39 USD). This stuff is great! It is a light-medium buildable coverage formula that I find has a very natural, skin-like finish. It lets my freckles show through and doesn't move around during the day. And although I personally don't need to set it down, other creams and powder products blend beautifully over the top. I've also heard this foundation works well on a variety of skin types, from dry to oily.



I'm not ready to give up that bronze glow just yet (or ever). A good bronzer allows me to keep up my sunkissed skin of the summer - while continuing to give my face some life in the coming rainy months. The key to choosing a bronzer that'll take you through the fall is undertone and shade. When summer ends I like to put away my warm, shimmery bronzers (sob) and opt for more neutral shades. My favorite since last year has been the CoverFx Bronzer ($35 CAD / $28 USD) in the shade Suntan. A happy medium between cool and warm tones, I can use this bronzer to both warm up and chisel out my cheeks. It offers a buildable formula that means I can go to town with this product and never end up looking like I've overdone it.

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Medium/Deep Nude Lips.

As a recent convert to the glossy nude lip, I am reluctant to give it up so soon to make way for my deeper, berry-toned fall faves - but while I love the gloss, I realize that shiny lips don't always lend themselves well to the deeper, autumnal makeup we get into when the weather cools down . So make way for the deeper nudes! Although arguably always appropriate regardless of season, I consider a medium/deep nude lip a great mid-way point between the summer and the fall. In order to keep up the 'spirit of the gloss' if you will, my favourite lip to transition into fall has been the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick ($21 CAD / $17 USD) in the shade Liar. This is one of their sheer formula lipsticks, described as having a "high shine finish" and (on my light skin tone) is a perfect deep rosy nude with a hint of shine.


Sea-Salt Spray

Let's not leave out hair! As someone who is terrible at doing her hair (it remains to be seen whether this is due to lack of skill or just plain laziness), I shudder at the thought of summer ending. The effortlessly beachy realm is where I thrive. For years I wondered how to keep the waves going long after the beaches closed, not being able to replicate the look with hot tools. Enter: sea salt sprays, bringing the magic of the beach waves to me in the comfort of my own home. I recently fell in love with Bumble and Bumble's Surf Infusion ($35 CAD / $29 USD) and have been using it nonstop. I spritz it on damp hair, scrunch, and done. An infusion of sea-salt spray with oil, it is great for my dry hair because it offers beachy texture while imparting a beautiful shine - leaving me with gorgeous soft waves all day long. Who says that sea-tossed hair has to be a summer exclusive after all?

That's it! Those are my top products to help my foray into fall a little less abrupt and keep those summer vibes alive but adapted to be seasonally appropriate.

Do you have any favourite products that help you transition into fall? Let me know in the comments! I can also be found over on Instagram @emmarose_beauty and am always down for some beauty-related chit-chat!

- Emma

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