Briana's Favorites: Summer Hair Care

Summer can be a particularly rough season on your hair. Since mine is super curly, it tends to be on the dry side, and can be prone to frizz, I’m super particular about what products I use on it in the summer. Here are my current favorites:



This summer, my go-to shampoo has been Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap in Lavender. It’s not my typical choice, but I love the scent and the way it only lightly lathers up. Plus, it can be used as body wash and even as a cleanser for makeup brushes, making it an awesome multitasking product for traveling. Be aware though, it will leave your hair a bit crunchy if you don’t condition afterwards.


I only wash my hair once or twice a week to keep my curls from drying out, so to make sure my hair and scalp both end up squeaky clean, I use the dpHue Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. It clears the scalp of any buildup, doesn’t remove the hair’s natural oils, and even conditions. Believe me, a little of this massaged into your scalp and hair for a few minutes will leave them feeling clean and surprisingly soft.


Curls need a ton of hydration, so I pretty much only use deep conditioning hair masks rather than a regular conditioner. My current favorite is the John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner. Constant sun and water exposure can cause dryness and damage and this conditioner helps to heal and hydrate your hair (and doesn’t have to be left in for a ridiculously long time). It won’t leave your hair super soft though, so if you feel like you need to up your hair’s softness I’d recommend either the affordable Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Masks or splurge on the Kevin.Murphy Repair Me Rinse.


I don’t like to overload or weigh down my hair with styling products, but there are a few I’ve been using constantly this summer. I start out by spritzing my roots with the John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer which encourages hair growth and gives a little lift to flat hair. Next, I apply SheaMoisture 100% Pure Monoi Oil on the ends of my hair as a sort of leave-in conditioner to seal in moisture. I spray the rest of my hair lightly with the Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray. It doesn’t dry out my hair like most salt sprays, gives me a slightly beachier texture, and I constantly get compliments on how good my hair smells. It’s a winner all-around. If I know I’m going to be in the sun all day, I’ll swap out the salt spray with Klorane Sun Lightening Spray. It features chamomile and honey to help lighten and brighten your hair in conjunction with the sun - I use it mainly to subtly brighten the natural highlights in my hair.

What are your favorite summer hair products? Let me know in the comments!