The French Edit: The Winter Serum

With the coming of winter, we are all bracing ourselves (and our skin) for the bitter chill that’s to be expected. But don’t fret, I’ve just discovered the best serum to combat winter dryness, tightness and for those who suffer from dehydrated skins...


Meet Serum T.E.W.L (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) from Biologique Recherche. Before I get into the good stuff that’s inside this oil-serum, there’s a few interesting ways that this can beincorporated in your skincare routine. Going off from the directions on the bottle: apply a few drops after your face cream (if you use a Biologique one, even better). The other way is mixing a few drops in your face cream or face mask for extra, deep nourishing benefits (advice from my Biologique Recherche guru Toska, who owns Toska European Spa and specializes in Biologique Recerche treatments). It’s super lightweight, and even makes a great base before foundation as well.


How I personally apply it is by mixing a few drops of it into my favorite Biologique Recherche face cream, Crème MSR-H, after using one of BR’s P50 Balancing Exfoliators (I use P50V 1970 in the PM at the moment).

Now let’s get back into what makes this serum “the Winter Serum”. To start off, it has one of my top favorite ingredients of all time, Barbary Fig Extract. Also known as Prickly Pear, this ingredient is not only full of antioxidants that assist in anti-aging benefits, but it also helps brighten, deeply nourish, and heal the skin thanks to its high potency of Vitamin E. Follow along with jojoba, sesame seed, raspberry seed, and cranberry seed oil to name a few, and you have a winter wonder-force of a powerhouse to battle off dry, tight skin.

To get a Serum T.E.W.L. for you this winter, on top of a full Biologique Recherche skincare routine, US folks can contact to order from Toska European Spa (they don’t ship outside the US, sorry!). It’s the only place I purchase from and trust with my skin when it comes to this lux-French brand. They truly give a wonderful expertise and experience while shopping Biologique Recherche; and when shopping such a high-end brand, you wouldn’t want anything else.

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