Ingredient Spotlight: Umbrian Clay

You’ve most likely heard of umbrian clay because of skincare brand, Fresh, but this star ingredient is actually an age-old Italian beauty secret. The clay is sourced exclusively from the Umbria region in lush central Italy, and can be traced back to Etruscan tombs from the 6th century BC. As a prized resource of the region, umbrian clay has been historically used in beauty treatments, medicine, and even religious rituals. Present-day locals still buy the special clay from Italian pharmacies and claim it as the most treasured part of their beauty routines, passed down through generations and beloved by all.

Although the concept of clay-based beauty products is nothing groundbreaking, Umbrian clay has unique qualities that make it unlike any other clay on the market. It’s multi-use properties are known for healing any skin ailments, from acne to diaper rash. The mineral-rich clay helps purify and balance the complexion by neutralizing the skin’s natural acidity and promoting cell turnover to reveal a clear, radiant complexion. The clay is often mixed with fragrances, antioxidants, and emulsifiers to create different products, but the real power always lies in the clay itself. Dry skin sufferers can rejoice because Umbrian clay is significantly less drying than other clays due to its neutral pH and high silica content. 

Fresh has an entire line dedicated to the wonder ingredient including a treatment bar ($40), face mask ($58), toner ($35), exfoliant ($33), and more. In addition to being a fabulous all-round face and body ingredient, Umbrian clay is suitable for all skin types. Knowing the history behind this ingredient has me imagining myself in Italy enjoying the beautiful countryside and sun-soaked vineyards just like like the Italian women who have used it in their beauty routines for centuries.