Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum


I am a firm believer that a high price doesn’t guarantee an effective skincare product. There are plenty of products out there that are frankly overpriced and not as good as less pricey alternatives. So, when I got a sample of the super hyped up Vintner’s Daughter serum, I was more than prepared to be disappointed. Could a $185 bottle beloved to beauty editors and enthusiasts alike really be worth the splurge.

After three days of using a couple of drops of this serum every night (paired with a very, very simple routine to see the full effect), I was more than shocked to see the post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation marks I’ve had consistently for a year fading. Active blemishes were drying up, scars lightening, and my skin overall looking, well, really good. When I ran out of the sample after a week of testing, I was already won over.

Now, a few weeks later, my skin is almost completely clear. The couple of new blemishes that have sprung up have healed much faster than normal without leaving behind dry spots or dark marks. For once, I feel like I’m on the verge of being able to skip base makeup.

Here’s the thing - yes this product is ridiculously expensive. However, using it cut three other products out of my routine and has me using less moisturizer than normal. Plus, if you’re using just a few drops at a time, the bottle will definitely last you awhile. Just make sure you’re applying it to damp skin and wearing sunscreen during the day!

I will say, this is probably not worth it for everyone. My skin is neither oily nor dry, is prone to hormonal acne and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, and mildly sensitive. While the product does burn on my face for a few minutes after applying, there’s no lasting irritation, but I’d still be careful if your skin is sensitive or you react badly to essential oils. If you don’t have acne or aging concerns, this might be something to skip over too. Bottom line, try out a sample before going for the full bottle - they’re available on the brand’s website for a much more affordable $35!