Winter Hair Favorites

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The winter months can be brutal, not only on your skin and your hydro bill, but also on your hair! I find that when winter rolls around, beauty bloggers talk nonstop about the hydrating products they incorporate into their skincare routines, but often overlook the need to do the same for their hair routines. Cold winter weather can be so damaging to your hair, resulting in problems like dryness, split ends, and dullness. Here are some of the products that I incorporate into my winter hair care routine to make sure that I’m giving my tresses a little extra TLC.


Verb Ghost Oil

$18 CAD/$16 USD - 2oz

I’ve tried so many different hair oils/serums but Ghost Oil is by far my favorite, especially during the winter. I have curly, thin hair which can start to look greasy when I use thick oils on my ends, so it’s hard for me to find treatments that don’t weigh my hair down. I find that Ghost Oil is extremely hydrating and smoothing, while also being very lightweight which is perfect for my hair’s texture. I love using this serum before straightening as well because it makes my hair so shiny and healthy looking. Compared to other oils and treatments on the market, Ghost Oil is actually pretty affordable too and the bottle lasts me ages. I would recommend this for any hair texture and volume since it is such a versatile product.


Verb Hydrating Shampoo

$18 CAD/$16 USD - 12oz

During the winter I find that the wind sucks all of the moisture out of my hair, resulting in a tangled, dry mess. Verb’s Hydrating Shampoo cleanses the scalp gently while also helping to detangle knots. I always swap out my usual shampoo for this one during the winter months to keep my hair looking smooth and hydrated. I find that since this shampoo is very gentle and hydrating, it doesn’t aggravate my scalp or provoke any dry patches which is really helpful. At $18 for 12oz this shampoo is very affordable, and it smells so light and refreshing.


Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones

$29 CAD/ 5.4oz

This dry shampoo is a favorite year-round, but I appreciate its existence a little extra during the wintertime. With finals, holiday parties, and family gatherings all taking place in the winter, sometimes I don’t have time to wash my hair so I rely on dry shampoo a lot. I’ve tried so many dry shampoos, and while they’ve been great for getting rid of grease, they have left a ton of residue in my scalp and resulted in dryness. I love that this dry shampoo from Moroccan Oil leaves little to no residue, does not strip my scalp, and makes my hair look so fresh and clean. Plus, as an added bonus, it smells incredible! While the price is pretty expensive, the bottle lasts a very long time and the results are so amazing.


BC HAIRTHERAPY Repair Rescue Sealed Ends Treatment

$18 oz/ 2.5 oz

I find that my hair is especially prone to split ends during the wintertime, which is not a cute look so I try to keep them at bay by avoiding heat styling, and also by incorporating repairing hair products into my routine.  The BC HAIRTHERAPY Repair Rescue Sealed Ends Treatment from Schwarzkopf is really great for giving your ends a little extra attention and preventing splitting. This treatment is packed with strengthening amino acids that help restore hair to it’s original health. I like that the formula is a thicker cream, which is perfect for strengthening brittle hair and combatting split ends. As an added bonus, it leaves your hair smelling amazing and reduces breakage.


Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask

$46 CAD/ 8oz

I think that it’s really important to incorporate some form of hydrating mask or treatment into your haircare routine during the winter months since your hair can take such a beating. One of my favorites is the Don’t Despair, Repair! ™ Deep Conditioning Mask from Briogeo. I’m a huge fan of Briogeo’s products since they are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and they don’t test on animals. Whenever I use this mask my hair is so manageable and soft, which is really helpful during the winter months when my hair gets super tangled. I also find that this mask helps with breakage, and leaves my hair feeling so healthy and hydrated. This is a pretty expensive product but the ingredients are amazing and the results are great, so I definitely recommend you trying it out if you’re looking to incorporate a repairing mask into your routine.

There you have it! I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to give your hair a little extra TLC this season! What are your favorite products and tips for keeping your hair healthy during the winter season?