French Edit: The Winter Mask

Avène is one of the biggest brands in the French beauty market, and the US, that caters to specifically sensitive skin types and conditions. Their main focuses are: dehydration, dryness, acne, eczema, and atopic dermatitis to name a few. Myself dealing with some of the above, looking for a mask that could help aide in the healing of my excessively dry, dehydrated skin during the winter was the first place I looked…and the last place I stopped looking!

Avène is also known for using their key ingredient, their own Avène Thermal Spring Water, which is the key benefactor in help aiding skin woes. Though sold on its own (I go through cans of it every year), they always include this ingredient in every single one of their products for its healing and soothing powers it has on the skin. The Soothing Moisture Mask was exactly what I was looking for in a facial mask when my skin starting to severely act up this season. It’s an intensive, deeply hydrating and soothing mask for dehydrated and weather-conditioned stressed skins. To give you some insight, I was currently dealing with highly sensitive, tight, red, dry, itchy skin that was reacting to any product that contained any fancy ingredients like essential oils, acids, retinoids.  I had to reassess my skincare wardrobe and bring more healing back into my routines. Back to basics.

The Soothing Moisture Mask practically healed all my issues overnight. It’s a thick, creamy mask that is supposed to be layered on thickly so it can seep into the skin for about 10-15 minutes; remove off with Avène’s Thermal Spring Water, then finish off with an extra mist over the face with the Water. With using 1-2 times a week, your skin will see and feel a huge turnaround; because you will see your skin more hydrated, less irritated, and more soothed.

If you still want to use this mask but don’t live in an area where you get harsh winters, don’t fret…this mask can also be used to heal and soothe sunburns as well! Being hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and parben-free: anyone dealing with dry, sensitive skin issues, no mater the climate, will surely benefit from this mask from the French pharmacy.

Julie @jbeaute_JulieComment