ZIIP Beauty 101: Q+A with Melanie Simon

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Almost 2 years ago, we sat down with Melanie Simon (read that interview here), electrical esthetician and inventor of the ZIIP Beauty device, a nano and micro-current at-home facial device that’s designed to help lift, and sculpt the face, along with target common skin concerns, such as wrinkles, pigmentation, and acne.

Since then, we’ve had the chance to test the device out ourselves, becoming well-versed in its functions and features, incorporating it into our own skincare routines over the past couple of years, making us -dare I say- experts. With consistent use, we’ve skin that is not only more even and glowy, but also improved jawline and cheekbone definition.

But of course, the true expert here is Melanie Simon, and thus, we thought there was no better person qualified to answer all of your questions, than the ZIIP queen herself. We asked you what you wanted to know about ZIIP Beauty, and Melanie answered, offering exclusive tips and tricks for Pur Opulence readers.

Keep reading for a crash course on the ZIIP device and answers to your burning questions.


How exactly does micro-current work?

Micro-current increases your ATP production. ATP is necessary for your body to produce collagen and elastine. ATP production decreases as we age. Micro and nano currents dramatically increase ATP production, which in turn increases collagen and elastin production. Electrical currents add a tremendous advantage. They really kick up the productivity of collagen and the elasticity of the skin, while also being antibacterial in nature = far fewer breakouts. What I consistently see from many clients with all different skin types is a beautiful texture and luminous, glowing skin that only comes from micro and nano-currents. 

What does a skincare routine post-ZIIP look like?

Both of our conductive gels are designed to benefit the skin, so if you are using the Golden Gel for example, I encourage you to leave it on after you ZIIP and use as a mask.  I sleep with the gel on and love how my skin feels and looks the next morning.  If you choose to wash it off, simply splash the face with lukewarm water and then follow with your normal nighttime or daytime skin care routine.

Is there such a thing as too much or too often?

I recommend customers use their ZIIP between 2-3 times per week and alternate treatments.  You start to see results after a week of consistent Energize, Sensitive Energize and Pigment treatments, although the Vital Eyes, Instant Gratification and Total Clearing programs deliver results after just one treatment.

What kind of results can one expect to see from regular ZIIP usage?

When used regularly, the ZIIP will help leave skin revived, refreshed and lifted.  The ZIIP has a cumulative effect, so the more consistent you are with the usage, the better your skin will look!

How does it compare to in-office treatments?

It really does depend on which esthetician you are seeing and what device you are using at home. They are definitely not all created equally. Some at-home devices outperform professional devices, and some professional tools like the Biologique Recherche machine are far more powerful and advanced than something you could purchase for home use.

Can you share some off-label tips and tricks?

We have some great ones!  One of the most popular hacks is using the VitalEyes program to plump lips or Instant Gratification to sculpt cheekbones.  You can check out many of the tricks on our YouTube and Instagram channel. (Here is a sneak peek at our cheekbone hack)

Also, on the new ZIIP app, there are recommendations for how often to do each treatment.  Each ZIIP Electrical Cocktail is accompanied by a step-by-step video of me doing the particular treatment. If the treatment is 4 minutes long, then the video will mimic the treatment verbatim stroke by stroke. I will start with the basics such as turning the device on and go on to provide expert tips during my demonstration to allow for optimal results. The goal of ZIIP is to not only provide the tool, but to also offer the top- notch support.

What would a weekly treatment routine look like for the average woman looking for lift and glow?

This depends on a lot of factors including age, skin type, current condition of the skin, etc.  Overall, I would recommend interchanging the treatments and ZIIP’ing 3-4 times a week.  I like to do the Energize treatment which is programmed specifically to lift the skin and help bring out that beautiful glow and then I mix on another treatment with it each time.  For example, I may do Energize and then follow it up with VitalEyes or Pigment.  On days where I am pressed for time, I just do Instant Gratification which instantly lift, sculpts and shapes the skin.  The beauty of the ZIIP is the programs are all interchangeable and there is no one way to use it. 


A very common question we get is from readers looking for alternatives to the conductive gel. Can you tell us more about the conductive gel and what makes it special/why it's essential for ZIIP usage?

We offer two gel options and we recommend using these when you are using your ZIIP as we know they work and they are safe. The Golden Conductive Gel Treatment was designed to pull the electricity into your skin.  It makes the user incredibly conductive. It includes Bio placenta with 5 growth hormones, Cone snail venom, Hematite, dehydrated sea water, and gold extract. If you administer your ZIIP treatment at night you can lightly pat your face down when you finish and sleep in the remaining layer for a more effective treatment.

Both the Silver and Gold Conductive gel have the ZIIP Electric Complex, which is designed to effectively and safely transfer electrical currents from the ZIIP Device to the skin.  The ZIIP Electric Complex is made with pharmaceutical-grade glycerin, a sugar complex that is one of the most conductive materials on earth, and dehydrated seawater, which is saturated with electrolytes magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

The Silver Gel’s two superhero active ingredients-finely crushed pearl and anew low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid are typically unable to be absorbed below the skin surface. The ZIIP Device, however, is able to drive them below the skin surface. The pearl accentuates collagen production, while the hyaluronic acid remains on skin, even after the gel is rinsed off, for 24 hours after use. Silver Gel promotes collagen production, provides immediate and sustained hydration, and gives an all-around glow to skin. The formula is silicone-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free. 

Both the Silver Gel and ZIIP’s original conductive formula, Golden Gel, will conduct current identically. While the new Silver Gel is focused on plumping and hydrating, the Golden Gel fills and firms the skin. I recommend interchanging them, and using the Silver Gel more liberally. As I always say, “You keep your gold bars in the safe. You wear your silver every day.”

Will there be a ZIIP treatment that focuses on the neck/ are there any cocktails we can use to give our necks some lift and TLC?

Yes!  We are going to launch a program that is just for the neck, and a  hyper-pigmentation program in the next year