Lyndsie Alguire

Lyndsie Alguire moved to Montreal when she was 17, leaving her family back in Ontario, to chart her own path to success and independence. Now 25, Lyndsie has grown immensely as a musician, model, and photographer.

Photo by Gianni Rizzi

Photo by Gianni Rizzi

I sat down with Lyndsie to chat about art and staying creative. 

Having studied electroacoustics in university, Alguire's sound has been influenced by not only techniques she learned in audio engineering, but from her background in classical music.

Her songwriting process involves a lot of improvising on a keyboard, and then going back and mixing and matching pieces of the music she feels flow well together and follows the sound. 

Lyndsie's work reflects her style in all creative aspects, which she describes as ethereal and vulnerable. Her music and photographs play with concepts surrounding light and softness.

She keeps a mixed-media journal/agenda in which she notes plans as well as personal diary entries decorated with doodles, stickers, and pressed flowers.

Lyndsie cites The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard as being a book that really made an impact on her and her photography. An avid reader and admitted admirer of essayist Anaïs Nin, Alguire has a tattoo of Anaïs Nin's face on her thigh, accompanied by 6 other tattoos which she proudly displays in her powerful nude art photos.

Brimming with radiance in her every endeavor, Lyndsie Alguire can only be described as an ethereal earth goddess.